Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Simply Wonderful (March 27th 2017)

What a week some stuff happened. Welcome to Cape Girardeau!! I am excited for Conference and what I will learn! Excited for Elder David A. Bednar and Jeffrey R. Holland to speak. So much to write about.

Monday, we got an oil change and a tire rotation that took forever. Then we went and played Dunk ball at the Baird's! What up! President Baird played and his son Timo. I love the Baird’s!! They are awesome! We had a good time getting outside and playing ball. Then we saw Anthony and prepared our training for Zone Conference. 

Tuesday, we had Zone Conference in St. Louis. It was awesome, President is great to go to see. We saw the new Easter initiative. Our training went great. Lynn came and sat in on it because I invited him to. Saw Sister Kroupa she goes home on March 31st. Gonna miss her. We had exchanges with Elder Martin and Elder Clegg. We worked that night and saw Joel it went awesome he is great. Taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, I was with Elder Clegg and worked around the Cape Girardeau area. We saw Anthony Lewis, James McNew and had Lunch with Brother Neal at KFC. Anthony’s visit was a riot, he is always throwing shots at me but we were able to testify of the power of prayer and read some scriptures. We went to lunch with Brother Neal at KFC and had a chicken pot pie. It is good, we always get those. We had a nice chat with Brother Neal then Elder Clegg talked about the Difference between talking and testifying. It was great. It is important to testify of the Savior, not just talk about him. Then we saw James McNew. We had a lesson on the restoration and watched the video on Joseph Smith. It went great after the lesson we prepared for our Gospel study class. The study class went really well. So powerful. We talked about what can a belief in Christ do for me? We played basketball with some non-members at the church after the Study, it was fun.

Thursday, we had service at the senior center. Then we drove up to see Jennifer Bollinger and her family. It was a long drive. Had a great lesson, then after the lesson, we were about to run out of gas! So we tried to find a gas station and they were far way or only took cash? We finally found one in the middle of nowhere. We got back to Cape Girardeau okay. We had a lot of things cancel that night, which is tough because we plan for things to happen. So when something doesn't happen it throws a wrench in the system. 

Friday, we had weekly planning hurray. More planning and preparing. We talked about a lot of people and what we wanted to do this week. After planning we ate at Rachael Popes. We brought Ben Pinkerton. It was fun Rachael is sassy, it was fun. After dinner, we ran Ben back and were supposed to see Joel but he called and said he didn’t want to meet. Which is hard as a missionary you build a bond with people and care for them then they decide to stop. Joel was a tough loss but we continue to work and find "Joy" in the small blessings. We saw Libing that night and a quick lesson on Family History. 

Saturday, we had more things cancel. That’s alright we had something really awesome happen. We had a church tour and a Restoration lesson with a man named, Henry Sanchez and his family. We talked a lot about the importance of families and how much they mean to the Gospel. It was awesome. So how we came into contact with Henry was he was out working at a house in Cape, he is an Electrician. We walked by and I didn’t talk to him. I knew I should have talked to him. We walked back a half an hour later there he was again. I knew that I needed to talk to him so I did and it is truly a blessing. How great is our Father in Heaven? We saw Linda Duke and taught the importance of the Sacrament and invited her to come out. It was a great lesson. We saw Ben Pinkerton that night as well. He is always fun to visit. 

Sunday, was super crazy. Ward Council was amazing! We had some heartwarming comments made about us from some members of the Ward Council that we have visited, but like I said Sunday was crazy. So let me add some background to the story we stopped by a less actives house on Saturday because Bishop asked us to. He wasn't home and it was the old address. So with that information, I will tell you what happened. So we come into the Chapel from ward council and there is seated the Less Active so I go say hi and the first thing he says is "Are you the ones that stopped by my old house yesterday?" I replied "yes" and he said "I am not happy lets go talk in the hallway" So I walked us to a classroom. We closed the door and he begins to unload on us. He is a former army vet and ex-police officer, so he tells us about his background, and don't stop by and threatened us. I wasn't too bothered by it. I took it in stride and said: "Sorry, we were unaware that we were not supposed to drop by, but we are glad you chose to come to church today to partake of the Sacrament, we hope that the Sacrament will help us overcome our current issue." Then we walked out. We then had another less active person come with her nonmember husband. That was a pleasant surprise. The next thing that I will write about is sad. So Aaron MacArthur is awesome we love him. He comes out with us, Aaron and I are good friends. So after church on Sunday Aaron and his mom were a little panicked because one of his sisters had apparently been missing since 11 am it was now 1:30 pm. So we checked the church building and she was nowhere to be found. We left because they were going to see if Bishop was having an interview with her. After we left she wasn't there either. So Bishop and his counselors prayed with the MacArthur family and a few other people. So they decided they would act on any promptings they received. So they went to parks, rivers and other places. A lady of the ward was there and she was thinking, and this next part might be hard to believe but I think it’s a miracle. She had a vision where she was and they went and she was there. Apparently, this girl was trying to commit suicide. She cut her arm and leg. She was passed out because of loose of blood. So we went down to the hospital and sat and talked with Aaron, he cried a lot. Shows how precious life is and how our Heavenly Father works and also the price of free agency. I know God was able to direct the women in our ward, it is hard for him I am sure when people make choices like this but he loves them and try’s to help them and comfort them.


Elder Washburn

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