Monday, March 20, 2017

Carry On (March 20th 2017)

What a week. I am happy to share with you what has happened. Before I start my email. Elder Karras (they share the ward with us) is training a new missionary. I can remember my first time doing things and see where I am now. 

Monday we didn’t have much going on. It was raining so we took our time with things slow. We had a lesson with Joel about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He loved it. Joel is awesome. We talked about setting goals and having desires. He committed himself to stop smoking even before we taught the Word of Wisdom. This is why we think Joel is awesome. After visiting with Joel at the church building we saw our good friend Anthony Lewis. Anthony is funny, we discussed receiving answers to prayers. How feelings we have, actions we make and people we come in contact with are how we can receive answers to prays. 

Tuesday we were in a trio-companionship for the day because Elder Scarlett was being transferred and Elder Scarlett would receive his new missionary on Wednesday. So we had Elder Karras with us. On our way to see a referral in Illinois we received a phone call from President Bateman. He asked that the phone be taken off Bluetooth so he could talk to Elder Atterton privately. My first immediate thought was, oh no Elder Atterton is going to be Emergency transferred. As he spoke to President Bateman tears began to roll down his face. I was certain that my assumption was true. He got off the phone with President Bateman and he told me something a little more serious and personal than an Emergency Transfer, his Grandma passed away. He broke down in tears. We drove in silence for a little. We drove to the referral. It was on the back roads of Illinois. In the middle of the forest, so we texted our Bishop the address we were going to just in case we went missing. We couldn't find it and returned back to areas we knew. We saw James McNew that day and also tried by a few people here and there. We had dinner at the McCole's house. It was sweet they had their own pond. It was sweet. We set up for Joel's lesson that we were going to have that night but got rescheduled for Wednesday night. 

Wednesday was a great day. Elder Karras went up to St. Louis to get his new boy (Elder Floyd) So Elder Atterton and I ran district meeting. It went really well. We discussed the difference between talking and testifying and what that really means. I really enjoyed District meeting. We had lunch with Sister Bradley at Cracker Barrel. It was good. After eating lunch with Sister Bradley we got Anthony and went to the Family History center. I was able to do some indexing while Anthony was doing Family History work it was a lot of fun. Some of it was difficult but I loved it. While Anthony was still doing his Family History work we had a lesson with Joel. We had a Plan of Salvation church tour. It was awesome Joel loved it. We told us he wanted to go to the Celestial Kingdom. Joelllll!!!!! He is awesome. After Joel’s lesson, we had our Gospel Study it went super well. We had roughly 13 people come not including missionaries. We talked about what does Jesus Christ expect of me? It was awesome Joel came and so did Ben Pinkerton who is starting to come back with some fire behind him I love it!! 

Thursday we had service at the senior center. Service is fun but it is exhausting I don't know if all the old people just suck the life out of us but I am always tired when we leave there. We had dinner with the Jensen family, they lived kind of far away. It took a little time to get to them but the food was great. We had coordination with Brother Sparks and helped set some things straight about the Dinner rules. 

Friday we had weekly planning we had a meeting with Bishop about our investigators and the people we are working with. Bishop Shipley is awesome. After being with Bishop we helped Brother Perkins again. We helped him give a shot to a calf that was sick it was fun and we fed the Cows again and gave them treats. Brother Perkins makes me want to be a Cowboy and do Cowboy stuff. After helping with the Cows we stayed with the Perkins and helped a lady by the name of Sue Roberts move into our area she lived in the other Elders area so we helped her move. It was difficult because there were stairs to climb and bring things down. Good thing I am super strong and work out a ton. She has a date for April 23rd which is super exciting for us. That took up most of our night but it was fun to be with Brother Perkins and Sister Perkins and help them out. After helping with the move we went and played some basketball down at the church with some non-members we are getting closer and closer to teaching them they are some of Matt Perkins friends and Cousins. 

Saturday we worked on our training for Zone Conference on the 21st. We had some writers block. We are training on working with members and the importance of it. We are inviting them to teach members the Doctrine of Christ in their visits and ask them members who they know and also pray to know what they can do. Should be good but we were having a hard time getting it to flow. We had a lesson with James McNew again and also Anthony and Ben. All the lessons went well. We are trying to help them get their eyes towards the Temple and how important it is to do that. Side note we had dinner. While we took our dinner hour I cleaned our windows. It was shocking to see the difference. They are crystal clear it was awesome. 

Sunday Joel came to church and he met with Bishop Shipley. Joel Engelmann is on a good steady course to April 2nd. He has been reading the Book of Mormon, He has been praying for strength to overcome his smoking problems. He is receiving this strength from the Atonement of Jesus Christ when he took upon himself our sins, sicknesses, pains, temptations, trials to help us receive strength in our time of need. Now this strength we receive is what we would call Grace. A divine means of help or Strength. The Atonement was for all of us. How wonderful it is that we can receive Grace through the Atonement to help us become better. I know that is what Joel is receiving because I have received it myself. We had dinner with the Funks that night. He used to be a part of the Bishopric before they changed it. We taught the family the Doctrine of Christ. Then Sister Funk who had been quiet that whole lesson said I have to say this there is a family that I need you to see. I have been prompted two times to tell you. It was awesome the Doctrine of Christ is the way to help us to live as our Father in Heaven would have us live. I know as we study and live the Doctrine of Christ that we can feel of our Heavenly Fathers love. Have a great week everyone. 


Elder Washburn

Our efforts of helping clean up after the tornado came through a few weeks back. One of the Elders took all of these and shared them with us. 

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