Monday, April 3, 2017

Direction (April 3rd 2017)

Our mission President says it's not about how fast you are going it's about the direction you are heading. General Conference was this past weekend and we received some wonderful direction from The Prophet and His Apostles. I will include some phrases and talks I like from Conference you can find the talks on 
Elder Renlund "We get a glimpse into our Heavenly Father character as we recognize the Immense compassion he has for sinners".
Elder Eyring "The best Technology can never be a substitute for Revelation from Heaven''.
President Nelson "The More we know about the Savior's ministry and mission the more we understand his doctrine and what he did for us and the more we know he can provide the power we need for our lives.".
I really enjoyed conference and what direction we were given. To do the little acts of faith to build us up such as read and pray from the Book of Mormon. 

General Conference to missionaries is like the Super Bowl. Its true, I get pumped up. The best part about General Conference is going back to listen, read and ponder the messages they shared. It is unique to think the messages they shared came directly from our loving Heavenly Father for us right now. That is awesome. We have the Scriptures to read and learn they provide direction, we also have living Apostles and Prophets. What a blessing. 
We have been praying for families to teach because they are the single most important social unit in the church. The family is ordained of God. We teach families so they can grow closer together against the storms of life. We received an answer to our prayers. We were getting ready for the day and were deciding what we would do. We kept seeing a neighborhood we should go to so we decided to go. Often times as missionaries we are only accepted in the ghettos and even then we aren't accepted. The neighborhood we went to was no ghetto. There were nice middle-class homes. We stopped in the neighborhood and said a prayer and knocked on one door. The family let us return the following day! They are awesome. Our Father in Heaven is able to bless those who seek and knock. 

Have a great week. This email is a little different. The Book of Mormon is true, I have seen the blessings of living the Gospel of Jesus Christ in my life and in the life of those I have been able to teach. Have a great week everyone. Watch General Conference!


Elder Washburn

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