Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Miracles can Happen (December 6th 2016)

Where should I start this week was the busiest week of my life. So worth it. 

Monday of last week we played sports with basically the whole Zone. Side note I need to take more pictures. So Basketball was really fun. We went and did service for a member and ate Domino's pizza. Then had a lesson with Beth. Missionaries have been teaching her for a long time. She struggles with smoking. We had a lesson with her and we did a split, it was me and Elder Griffin who went together. Elder Ward went out with a different member and tried to see people. 

Tuesday we called a bunch of former investigators to invite them to a baptism on Sunday evening, not ours but in the Assistance's area. It was really productive and effective. We had three people committed to coming. We also got a few appointments out of it. Then we went and taught a lesson to John. He is a good guy, he was a referral and we discussed the principles of Faith and Prayer. Good discussion. We had dinner with Paul, he is a recent convert. He is awesome, we eat there every Tuesday. We watched the #LightTheWorld it is really good if you haven't seen it yet. If you have, share it. 

Wednesday we took care of some vehicle stuff that Elder Griffin needed to take care of. Then we went to District Meeting and had a good time. We had two lessons that evening with Troy and Melissa. We discussed Faith and read through Alma 32. We had Bible study. In the middle of Bible Study, Brother Peterson took Elder Griffin and kidnapped him. Sike, he took him to Beth’s home again for another lesson. We had a Thanksgiving dinner. It was so good, they had peach jello that was really good. We changed the Bible study to a book of Mormon study. We discussed and read the signs of the Saviors birth in the Book of Mormon to the people in the Americas, it was good. 

Thursday we took Elder Brian and Elder Richins to a neighborhood because they wrecked their car. Then we went and saw Glen, we filled his bird feeders and read the Book of Mormon. Then we went and raked leaves at the Carpenter’s and then saw Beverly to help her print off some names for the temple. It was her first time doing baptisms at the Temple. Super cool. After we did that we had a lesson with Angie, her daughter. We read Mosiah 3 about the Atonement of Christ and his mission. Really good chapter. After which we had dinner at the Polander’s. We had steak and chicken fried rice. So good, best cooks in the ward! Love eating there. After the Polander’s we went to Dale's. Had a good lesson, read some from 3 Nephi 11 on how Christ came to the Americas. Then we walked through on how church was going to work out. Dale is less active we have been trying forever to get him to church. 

Friday we did a lot of service. We raked three lawns that day and had a lesson at the church with a returning less-active lady named Vickie. She has been through a lot in her life and her records aren't in the ward. But she wants to come back so we did a church tour. It was amazing the spirit was super strong. After that lesson, we went to the Walkers for dinner and ate Lagrangian. Elder Ward and I were together while Elder Griffin went to the Campbell’s. After Dinner with the Walkers went to the Johnsons and gave him a blessing. 

Saturday we did some planning in the morning and had an exchange with Elder Brain and Elder Richins. We have been using this Tri-companionship to our benefit. We sent Elder Ward and Griffin to Washington Missouri. We had a crazy busy day. We did service where we shoveled rocks and made a wall for a non-member with bricks. Then we saw Jeff a less-active. So this is where things got crazy. Elder Brian and Richins had a dinner at five and so did I, so I went to Dinner by myself with Brother Carpenter to his house and then met back up after dinner, it was crazy!! Being alone technically but not really it was weird. Had Ward Coordination that night as well... 

Sunday was amazing. We had a lot of miracles. We had a few people come we didn't expect. Sister Patterson (1) and her non-member husband (2) came because we called and left a voicemail that we were thinking about them. Sister Pottorf (3) and her non-member husband (4) who we left a Christmas card with and a Christmas party invite. Dale (5) who we had to drag out of bed because he refused to come because he was tired. We were not taking "No" for an answer. President Bateman told us, "He can never miss another Sunday" because we had worked so hard to wash his white shirt, iron it and get him a wheelchair for transportation. He came and so did Vickie (6) which was awesome as well. Then we had Angie (7) there too. Super good Sunday, after church we went to the baptism and it was amazing.  We go on exchanges with the Assistance and we taught the people being baptized, super cool. That night we had the Christmas devotional and dinner with the Niefert's. 

Loved this week because of all the fruits of hard work through faith. Love God and Love your neighbor and show how much the light of Christ has changed you. Share, share, share, share #LightTheWorld. Love you all gotta run we busy.


Elder Washburn

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