Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving and Fun (November 28th 2016)

Happy thanksgiving. I am still full from thanksgiving..... Ha, ha, ha, psych I am always hungry. 

So Monday we had our mission President (Pres Bateman) come out with us. He took us to Pei Wei. We chatted about the appointments we had, then we went and saw a less active, Dale Moore, who we see regularly. We had a super good lesson.  The only thing holding him back from the church is walking, he is a large guy so it hurts to walk. So he needs a wheelchair. We planned that night and we tried really hard to be the best we can. So we called a member to come out with us. His neighbor passed away and said he couldn't.  So I did something I regret, I looked at Elder Griffin and Ward and put a thumb down and then President asked us to make a cake for the member. Because the neighbor passed away President suggested taking prime proselyting time to do it. I told him I would feel guilty for doing that like most missionaries would. I will tell you how President liked that a little later. 

Tuesday was a good day, we had District Meeting. I can’t really remember what we did all day but I remember going to Paul’s, as usual, every Tuesday night. So Elder Griffin one of my companions is the vehicle coordinator for the mission he takes care of 80 cars in our mission. So we got a call Tuesday night that a set of Elders that live in our complex. Elder Brian and Richins got in a car accident, no one was hurt. That was good, the missionaries were a little shaken up. We took them home and relaxed with them. 

Wednesday we had MLC and got called to repentance on the way we plan and prepare. It was super good and President Bateman used the way we nightly plan as an example. He talked about my whole thumbs down thing. Everyone was laughing and also talked about filling people’s needs. He also shared how I said I would feel guilt for baking cakes for people then they went on this big long joke train about making cakes, it was hilarious. They made a point to meet people’s needs. 

Thursday was Thanksgiving, we played in the Turkey Bowl which was really fun. We had some good games. We ate at the church with the Elders Quorum. Ate a fried turkey, it was really good. Then we went to Beverly Hudson’s home and ate there as well. Before that, we helped the Elders Quorum President fix his car tire. After Beverly’s we went to the Bassett’s , our ward mission leader, and ate dessert and had a good time with them. 

Friday we had an exchange with some Elders and worked with them in our area. We had a good time, we taught a really good lesson about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We taught Angie Hudson, Beverly’s daughter, it was a really really good lesson. We are trying to help her stop smoking. Then we grabbed ice cream afterward because it is an exchange tradition. 

Saturday morning we played basketball, it was really fun. We had another exchange with the office elders. It was fun, we raked leaves for an old lady and taught a guy who likes other guys. Had dinner at Sister Kroupa’s. That was really fun we love Sister Kroupa. Then we had coordination. 

Sunday we had church and Angie came to church! We also weekly planned for a long time and had dinner at the Popham’s. We had a blast there. 
It was a great week full of learning and repenting. Have a great week everyone. Love you all 


Elder Washburn

Elder Thorsen & Elder Washburn at MLC

Thanksgiving at the Church

How fast can I run?


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