Monday, October 3, 2016

Let us Rejoice (Oct 3rd 2016)

What a week. 
Monday I spent time saying goodbyes to people, I was able to say goodbye to Ron again, McClain’s and the Lok family. Goodbyes are tough but this go around was easier, not because I didn’t love Alton but because I knew I would return. 
Tuesday I finished packing and Lynn came and picked me up for transfers. We drove down to Edwardsville and picked up another Elder who was leaving and we drove down to St. Louis. I got thrown right into the fire, people asking me questions and sort people around. I met my new companion Elder Ward and saw a familiar face from home... Elder Cummard. It was really, really, really weird seeing someone from home, but it was refreshing. We were busy right from the start. We had people to see and things to take care of. If I was honest, it is hard to remember who we saw. I do remember seeing Paul Kempf who is a recent convert. We ate dinner there, it was really good. They buy us soda as well. I can’t escape it! We also saw Beverly who was also recently baptized. Two good visits and lessons. 
Wednesday we had District Meeting, it was good. We talked about Hope, Faith, and Charity. We mowed our Ward Mission Leaders lawn and afterward we went and helped three random guys move. It was cool, they are from Saudi Arabia. That night we went out with a member and we found a new investigator, Dee Fullard. Super nice lady, super strong faith and really interested. 
Thursday we had another District Meeting and this one was a little further away. We had a good time and got some Mexican food afterward. One side note about every other morning we go play basketball at the church. So that’s also a lot of fun. It is nice having the Office Elders by who have unlimited miles, they can drive. We saw Dale Moore a less active and we had a bible study and dinner at a member’s house. That was fun and a good time. We had a good discussion. 
So the one downfall of being a Zone Leader is we have to do a lot of planning. That’s what most of Friday was. We planned then we went out to eat with the Grow's. They recently moved from Mesa Arizona. We had a nice dinner with them. We had a lesson with our investigators Sam and Laura. It was a good lesson and Brother Bassett came out with us for that lesson. 
Saturday we had General Conference, but before we went to Conference we had a lesson with Beth and Chloe. They are scheduled to be baptized on October 29th. Had a good lesson with them and then went to Conference. I really enjoyed Carol F. McConkies remarks about prayer and Uchtdorf is always a favorite. The Conference was amazing and we had pancakes at the mission home after the morning session. We played basketball and ping pong. Then we went to the Bassett's and watched the afternoon session. We ate dinner with them and went to the priesthood session down at the church with Brother Bassett. 
Sunday we did the same thing but different houses. In the morning we went to the Popham's and ate breakfast and watched the morning session and then went to the Polander's and ate lunch and watched the afternoon session. For breakfast, we had waffles and bacon. For lunch, we had steak fried rice, it was delicious. After eating and watching conference we tried some potential and less-actives. When we came home I deep cleaned and reorganized the apartment, it took a while but I am getting it cleaned up. 
Elder Ward is awesome I love being with him. We are already getting along great and laugh way too much for our own good. I have seen the evidence of having good righteous examples in my life and throughout the scriptures, we don’t know the lives we can affect with a smile or holding the door open, but whatever it may be, do it to uplift and help others. 
Have a great week, I love you all.


Elder Washburn

Elder Gifford



Elder Cummard. Mesa High Basketball Team Mate.

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