Monday, September 26, 2016

New Places and New Responsibilities (Sep 26th 2016)

It was a rough and exciting week for Elder Washburn. 

We had a good P-day last Monday, we had the Glen Carbon missionaries come up and chill with us and had dinner at the McClain’s. It was a lot of fun. We had a good time over there. 

Tuesday we had a lesson with Melvin and invited him to be baptized, he is a slower process, but the vision is there for him to be baptized. We read out of 3 Nephi with him about Christ coming to the Americas, it went really well. After the lesson, we had apartment inspections and we aced it. We got a deep fryer from a member and I split oil on my tie so that was rough. Then we saw more people. We had a lesson with Bryan Ready and his son BJ. Bryan was a southern Baptist preacher then stopped preaching and was baptized. BJ is investigating the church but not really sincerely. 

Wednesday I almost died! We had District meeting and it was the last District meeting of the transfer. It was good Lynn made brownies. After District meeting we went and did service for Patty Bays. I mowed her lawn in the heat, it was terrible. Half acre lawn with a push mower and 93 degrees outside! Nearly killed me! She let it grow out so it wasn't easy either. I think I overheated, I was dizzy after I was done. After that we had a lesson with Tonya and had homemade pizza, it was good. We then tried some more people but they didn't work out. 

Thursday we had exchanges with the Edwardsville missionaries and I went back to Edwardsville for the last time. We saw Ron and two other people and went by and saw the Chandlers and tried to see the Ryan’s but they weren't home. It was good to back where it all started. It’s crazy to think how far I have come and how long I have been out. I am half way to being 15 months out and that is crazy to think about. Pretty soon I will be 20 years old. That is crazy. Anyway, it was a great day; we helped Ron mow some lawns which nearly killed me again. 

Friday we exchanged back and saw a few people but we prepared for a missionary fireside we had. We helped Lynn make dinner and brownies and set up the church for the fireside. We had investigators, Recent Converts and Less Actives come, and we had a decent turnout. We then had a spiritual thought about the Holy Ghost afterward. It was really good. Friday was busy, busy, and busy. 

Saturday we were really busy out seeing people. We saw Larry Farrar, Wendi Schneider, Larry Robinson, The Counts and Leonard Williams. After our visit with Leonard Williams, we went to get ice cream because it was hot outside. On our way to go get ice cream the phone goes off and we are getting a call from someone. We look and its President Bateman.... So I answer and he says “Elder Washburn is this on speaker or is it just us and I?” responding I say “It is on speaker, ” he tells me to take it off speaker because he wanted to have a chat with me. So I take it off speaker and he says “Elder Washburn I would like to call you to be a Zone Leader next transfer, Will you accept that calling?” I paused then say, “Yes President, I will serve as a Zone Leader next transfer...” He says “Great you will receive your area assignment tonight”. So after the phone call, I am in shock. We went home and I started packing and took a shower to take my mind off of it. I will be serving in the Maryland Heights area next transfer which is in St. Louis, right in the Heart of St. Louis. Way cool and I get to drive around a 15 passenger van which will be cool. 

Sunday was full of goodbyes and we had a chili cook-off which was really good. Said goodbye to people and had a lesson with Rikki and Ashlyn Uhlery. 

Today I will be packing and getting things ready to go on my new adventure. Thank you all for the support and love. The Church is true. I am thankful for the opportunity to serve and work as a missionary. Have a great week and I will talk to you next week 


Elder Washburn
Elder Washburn and Lynn. Out doing Missionary work.

Last District Meeting in Alton, ILL

Chandler Family from Edwardsville, ILL. 

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