Monday, October 10, 2016

Stay With It (Oct 10th 2016)

Hey everyone so we had a super good week but first I have so announcements. So this will be my last time emailing on a Monday until October 31st. I will be emailing on the 15th (this Saturday) and the 26th. The 15th we will be having a presidents p-day for the zone. We will be playing volleyball and kickball at a park it should be fun. Okay, so the week was great. 

Last Monday we had p-day and played basketball. It was really fun! We also played volleyball. That night we saw one of our investigators, Dee Fullard. We started teaching her on Thursday of last week. She read the Book of Mormon from 3 Nephi 11 and said she couldn’t put the book down and she loved reading it. She told us of all the answers she was receiving from the Book of Mormon. It was amazing! We invited her to be baptized and she said: "yes, but only if my son can as well". So we went back on Wednesday night and taught her and her son Brandon and committed them to be baptized on October 28th. Really cool experience, it gets even cooler, we set a goal to have 3 baptisms for the month of October and we actually put the specific weeks we wanted these baptisms to happen and the Lord provided, it was really cool. 

Well, Tuesday we helped out one of our recent converts with his dentures. We saw some less active people. We had dinner with a member, who recently got baptized, and they gave me a liter of root beer! It was so good. 

Wednesday we saw Dee Fullard and Brandon, and also saw some less active people. They were both good visits. We had our Bible study at night which is always a good treat. 

Thursday we took care of some planning and calls, we needed to make and later that day we helped out some sisters find people in their area to teach. We found some, but not too many. It was good in fact, we had a lot more people than I and Ward help them with that day. We call it "Blitzing Areas". We had dinner with the Polander's, which is a fun family. They only have one kid still at home. He is like 10 or something. They are great cooks and they are missionary minded, so it was a good time with them. 

Friday we had a missionary leadership meeting from 10am to 3pm. It was a really good meeting, President Bateman knows his stuff. We talked about the doctrine of repentance, which was really good. We had lunch there as well. Got to see a lot of people that I know including Elder Skinner. We were busy that night. We taught Sam and Laura, it was a good lesson. They are a fun to go see. 

Saturday we were busy with planning. Lynn took us out to lunch to Five Guys, it was super good. We found 2 new investigators that night, Leah and Daniel. We found them knocking on doors. Daniel is from Jordon and read the Book of Mormon 10 years ago in the Persian language. We taught them. They committed to be baptized when they came to know it was true. We also made contact with a guy from Mesopotamia and he was meeting with the missionaries and reading the Book of Mormon. He didn't continue with them because he moved. It was a really cool week of miracle finds. 

Sunday we started early. We had a meeting with the Stake President at 7:30am about missionary work in his Stake. It was good, then we had Ward Council at 9:30am, then church at 11am. We got to teach a Primary Class which was super fun. We went out and started hitting doors and a member gave us a referral. We went and visited with the referral and she was interested in talking for a little bit. Super nice lady. We had dinner with the Popham’s. They are related to Debra Cortez and Eric Hankins, which is weird but cool. We had French Dipped sandwiches and had a good spiritual thought. 
I forgot to mention on Saturday morning we played basketball with some missionaries, it was so fun. We finished off the night by stopping by some of the mission office staff people and had smoothies. It was great. 

Love you all. 

One thing our mission is doing is the 4-minute restoration. It is super spiritual. The idea behind it is to bring the spirit in and not leave any room for opinions about topics and no rambling. I would encourage all of you to develop your own 4-minute restoration it is amazing. Love you all talk to you Saturday!


Elder Washburn
12 months out on the Mission. Traditional Shirt Burning.

Edler Galuvao & Elder Washburn at missionary leadership meeting

Going out to lunch with my friends from Alton IL. 

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