Monday, September 19, 2016

14 Months? What...

Well, another day another dollar. Except I can’t take that dollar because I am a missionary.... Anyway, it has been a busy week so many things going on.

Monday we went to O’Fallon and played basketball it was fun. it was good to get out and play. We had dinner at the McClain’s and that is always fun we will be going back tonight for dinner.

Tuesday we had a slower day we saw a couple of less-actives. Nothing too big and exciting on Tuesday.

Wednesday We had a lesson with Rikki and that went super good we took Wendi Schneider and Scott with us to the lesson they are both Recent Converts within a year so they were able to talk to Rikki. They were in her shoes a year ago and for Wendi, it has been almost two months. Then we mowed Wendi’s lawn. She and her husband have back issues so we helped them out by cutting their lawn. After Wendi, we saw Tonya. It is good to see Tonya we are trying to get her to start and do her personal progress. We think this could really help her have the spirit more in her life. we had three lessons cancel on us which was unfortunate.

Thursday we had Elder Anderson of the seventy come and that was amazing. Elder Anderson is from Mesa Arizona which was way cool but he said so many great things to us but the one thing that stuck with me above everything else was "We don't serve in the church because of our calling, we serve because of our Covenants" Such a powerful quote. Then we went to the chiropractor for Elder Estes and I got taken care of to. Then we drove back to Alton and met with Carrie & Kristy our new mom and daughter investigators it was a good visit and a lot of fun we are always excited to work with new people. Then we had dinner at Brandi Bingham’s. We got into the apartment at night and I mentioned to Elder Estes that I was hungry and he said how? you had four meals today. Breakfast, Lunch and 2 dinners I just laughed.

Friday we were busy we had a couple of lessons we had lessons with Aadian, the Lok family, and the counts family. All good lessons and we ate lunch at Mini Corral the food is good but the root beer is amazing I absolutely love it. We had dinner at Lynn’s house as well.

Saturday we had a bunch of lessons we saw Melvin, Nolan, Brother Robinson, The Loks for dinner, and Wendi. All good visits.

Our Sunday was great Nolan came to church and we had a lunch and dinner appointment. I am sorry I have to write this quick duty calls.

I have been reading from Preach My Gospel a lot lately I have been studying the Priesthood. There was a quote in there and it said the power of the priesthood can only work through righteousness, love, and patience I thought that was so important to know that the priesthood isn't a tool to get people to listen to you upon command and will it is a tool to unify and bring love to others. The Patience part I am working on but that is my thought for the day that the priesthood is so important to Gods Church and I am so happy it is found in Jesus Christs restored Church. I love you all have a great week.


Elder Washburn

Zone Conference September 2016
Right to left: Elder Williams, Elder Dunn, Elder Washburn, and Elder Thorson

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