Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Busy, Busy, Busy... (Sep 6th 2016)

Hello, family friends and blog stokers. It was a great week this week, we were super busy. 
Monday we went to a Catholic seminary/learning center, we didn't go there to learn we went there because they have beautiful grounds. So we walked around and took pictures. It overlooks the Mississippi river. Super beautiful. We had dinner at the McClaines that evening as well. We played charades but with scripture stories. It was a lot of Fun. 
Tuesday we had exchanges and I went to Glen Carbon with Elder Gifford. We knocked a lot of doors that day and it rained on us most of the time, it was fun. Better than it being hot with humidity. 
Wednesday we exchanged back, we had a busy day. On Tuesday when I was gone Elder Estes (my companion) and Elder Cardiff (Elder Gifford’s companion) taught 5 lessons! It was really cool. Elder Cardiff is a new missionary from Kingman, Arizona and as a district leader, they want our areas to be example areas and show missionaries what hard work looks like and things like that. Well, Elder Cardiff was really excited to have taught so many lessons it was way cool. Wednesday was busy like I was saying. We saw some people, we mowed a lawn, then while I was edging the lawn it started to rain! Really hard, it was crazy. We saw Tonya as well. That night we saw Ashlyn Uhlery, in Jerseyville, and she is getting baptized this Saturday but that might change to the 17th. 
Thursday we had district meeting. After we had lunch with Glen Carbon. We saw Nathan Ball and had dinner with Lynn. Then went to Rikki's that night. It was funny whenever JD gets drunk he turns into preacher mode and stuff, it's funny. We read Mosiah 3 and Alma 32 with Rikki from the Book of Mormon. Two really good chapters. Mosiah talks about Jesus Christ and overcoming our natural tendencies and Alma 32 is a beautiful chapter on faith. 
Friday we had weekly planning and we got our car fixed. We had an oil change and a reverse light replaced. We had a lesson and had dinner at Lynn’s again. Then after dinner, we saw a less active family. It was a busy day 
Saturday was a good day we had a lesson with the Lok family and we saw a couple other people. We had a lesson with Wendi who was recently baptized and she is doing good. We had a great Plan of Salvation lesson. We read from chapters 2 and 9 of 2 Nephi. Two great chapters on the Plan of Salvation. Such a comfort to know what is going to happen to me and my family. It is also great to know because of the atonement of Jesus Christ death has no victory. The Plan of Salvation has become one of my favorite lessons to teach. 
Sunday was a really slow day for us didn’t get to see anyone and yesterday we hung out with Lynn and shopped and went to Steak n Shake. 
I have really enjoyed the time I have spent reading the scriptures and sharing them with others. There is a sense of peace and comfort that the scriptures can bring in my studies I have been reading from Mosiah. When King Benjamin talks to the people at the temple. So many great things that King Benjamin said. I would invite and encourage anyone and everyone to go back and read what he said in chapters 2, 3, 4 and 5 of Mosiah. It is a message that still rings true today and as we apply that to our lives we can come closer to Christ. Have a great week everyone and stay safe 


Elder Washburn

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