Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday? (Aug 29th 2016)

What a week. 
Monday we stuck around Alton and got haircuts and tried to return some stuff that my momma sent me. We had dinner at the McClain’s. It was fun, we had a part member family couple come to Family Home Evening at their house and it was a lot of fun. 
Tuesday we had Zone Conference in St Louis, it was really good. We talked a lot about Diligence, Obedience, Asking Questions and Listening. It was a really good meeting, the first one with President Bateman. We had exchanges and I had Elder Anders with me. He is from Arizona and we went to the Anderson's for dinner. They are from Arizona, it was like a big Arizona reunion. It was a good exchange. 
Then Wednesday we exchanged back to our companions. We had a lesson with Melvin. He is an older black gentleman. We read three chapters of the book of Mormon with him. He is a really soft-spoken man, very nice. After Melvin we got ice cream cones with Lynn and saw Larry Farrar. He is a less active who we have been trying to get to come to church for a long time. He actually came this Sunday, it was really good. Then we saw Tonya. She is a semi-active member that we are working to get her back to the temple. We ate there for lunch, it was a late Lunch. Then we went up to Jerseyville about 30 minutes north of Godfrey. We went to see our investigator Ashlyn, but before we went there we saw the Lloyd’s. He is a part of the bishopric. We had dinner there, it was good I was so full I could have thrown up. We went to Ashlyn’s home and taught the Plan of Salvation which is God’s plan for us to return to Heaven. It went really well, so well that we are going to have another Baptism in Alton on September 10th, really exciting!!!
Thursday we saw the Haws family, they are an older couple we see on a weekly basis. Then we saw Adam Powers. He is an investigator, he is a great guy. Then to finish off the night we had a lesson and dinner with the Bays family. We had pizza there as well. 
Friday we had weekly planning and we saw the Lok family. The Lok family is awesome. They have some crazy fun kids. We also had dinner at Lynn’s house. We go every Friday and eat. This email is kind of boring. So every night and during the day I scare Elder Estes. He gets startled easy, it is hilarious. He tries to scare me but it doesn't work as well. Lynn gets scared really easy as well. We see Lynn every day. 
Saturday we had a morning meeting with our ward mission leader. After we had our meeting we helped a family move out. They live in the apartment below us. They fed us pizza after. We saw Wendi Schneider. She just got baptized and had a 10 minutes lesson because we had another meeting that night at 6pm. 
Sunday we, meaning me and my companion, gave talks on the temple, it was a good Sunday. 
I am having more fun than this email may portray. 
I am thankful for the scriptures, Old & New Testament and The Book of Mormon. Have a great week and be safe 


Elder Washburn

Mississippi River

Abbott (Kale Abbott?)

AZ Plates in Illinois, YES!!!!

Lynn and his kitten

Alton ILL. 

Lynn and I doing Missionary Work. 

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