Monday, August 15, 2016

We are ALL Brothas (Aug 15th 2016)

What a week! 
Last Monday we went down to O’Fallon and played some basketball. It was a lot of fun and really exhausting. Had dinner at the McClain’s. 
Tuesday we saw the Lok family. They are a lot of fun. He is having some medical issues lately which is unfortunate. We had a couple other visits and we had dinner with the Hicks family which was a fun dinner. They are a good family. We had tuna sandwiches and this awesome fruit smoothie. 
Wednesday we had exchanges, we had a lesson with Annie and Nolan. This was our first lesson with him. He just had a massive heart attack and can’t drink alcohol and smoke so it works out for us. They also came to church this Sunday as well which is exciting. Annie took the discussions in Utah and Nebraska. So it is going great with them. We also met with a couple more people. So Wednesday night we go to a less active for dinner, we took Lynn with us because she is a single lady and loves to feed us. So she just moved and doesn't have much and we are sitting at her kitchen table and eating. We are sitting on those plastic lawn chairs. As we are eating I adjust a little in my chair and the leg breaks and I fall to the floor, it was hilarious. I have ripped two pairs of pants and broken a chair. I think I get the point now... 
Thursday we had district meeting. Lynn has been around missionaries for a long time. At district meetings, we have two pieces of training one comes from me and the other is prepared by someone else. So I asked Lynn do to his training, "Life Lessons from Lynn", it was good. We had brownies made by Lynn and went on with the day. We went and had a lesson with Wendi and it went great. We had a lesson with Matt and Kendra and we talked about exercising a particle of faith, which in the book of Mormon in Alma 32: 26-31, and how we need to exercise our faith which was a good lesson. 
Friday we were busy, busy, busy. For lunch, we went to Golden Corral with Lynn and I had like 6 plates full of food. Lynn was shocked. Then that night Wendi had her Baptismal interview and she passed. After the interview, we had to drive the zone leaders back to Glen Carbon and it was pouring rain and the streets were flooding and stuff. It was crazy awesome. We managed to get to Glen Carbon and back safely. 
Saturday we had Wendi’s baptism. It went really good, I was able to baptize her and guess who came? Crazy Ron, it was really cool. We had dinner with the Lloyd family that night, which was a good visit, they live in Jerseyville. Before we went there we saw a less active family with a nine-year-old girl who wants to be baptized, which is great. 
Sunday we had lunch with the Ferguson’s and had dinner with the Rezabek's and they were both great. 
I am staying here in Alton and will be getting Elder Estes. I encourage you to read Alama chapter 32 versus 26-31 but also read verse 21 as well it is a really good chapter on faith in the book of Mormon. Have a great week everyone have fun and be safe 


Elder Washburn

My District

Wendi's Baptism, Me and Elder Despain

Me and Ron. 

Ron, I love this guy. Hanging out at the Baptism with a few Elders. 

I thought of Grandpa Doug when I saw this. 

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