Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Diligence (Aug 22 2016)

Hello, family and friends, it is odd to be emailing again.

Last Monday we stuck around Alton for our preparation day. 

Tuesday I got my new companion Elder Estes, he is from Hyrum Utah and he loves computers and talking about them. we saw Annie and Nolan our investigators they are really good people who have been coming to church recently I can’t remember if I have told you about them yet but Nolan had a massive heart attack and he has to change all of his old habits like drinking coffee, smoking and drinking alcohol. Annie is doing it with him so he doesn’t feel left out. They are both really nice people. we saw a few more people throughout the day. Tuesday we had dinner with the Nair family. They are a really cool family we were able to go out with Brother Nair and see some people in the ward. 

Wednesday we mowed the grass of a less active family’s lawn I love mowing their lawn because they have a riding lawn mower. It was nice then we went up to see an investigator in Jerseyville. her name is Ashlyn she is 9 years old and her family is all members but her they don’t come to church regularly. We had pork steaks and corn it was so good gotta love them pork steaks. 

Thursday we had district meeting and we had a good talk about diligence it was really good the sister who gave it asked us why we came out and why we chose to stay. it was really good. We did some tracting and got to talk to a lot of people. 

Friday was a good day we got to see the Lok family and a few more people. we had dinner at Lynn’s house. we had a type of spaghetti I can’t remember the name of it right now. it was really good. we took Lynn to a lesson with a less active member. it was a good visit the spirit was there and it was strong. 

Saturday was a good day we had a lot of visits. we met with Wendi and had a good lesson with her and saw Nathan a less active he has two cool birds. Macaws? I doubt I spelt that right but they are sweet. We had dinner with the Hicks family they are an energetic family which makes it really fun I enjoy going over there. 

Church on Sunday was good we had Annie and Nolan there again. After church, we were supposed to have an appointment but it didn’t work out we had dinner at the Rezabek's. We had a good time over there they are foster parents and they have 4 kids. Two are special. So we had brownies for desert and the kid’s brownies were a little hard so one of the boys goes and puts his in the microwave and cooks it for like 7 minutes and the brownie caught on fire it was funny it smelt terrible but a good memory none the less. 

Today for P-day we will be sticking around Alton again. 

Hope everyone has a good week. Sorry, the email wasn't as long as it usually is. make sure you read your scriptures! 


Elder Washburn

Elder Thorsen and Washburn 2015. 

Elder Washburn St. Louis Temple Aug 2016

I Like Cats!

Elder Thorsen and Washburn at the St. Louis Temple (Aug 2016)

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