Monday, August 8, 2016

The Adventures of a Mission (Aug 8th 2016)

Family and Friends what a week I have had... 
Monday we were able to go to the Cahokia mounds. I have been there before and nothing has changed. Still the same giant mounds of earth built by Native Americans. Elder Despain hasn't been before so we went. We had dinner at the McClain's and it was fun. So, last week we found some fireworks on the side of the road. We lit them off at the McClain's and they were the most unsafe fireworks ever. 
Tuesday we went to Lynn's and there was a missionary who went home recently that I knew and he came back to visit. That was so weird... We saw a couple less-actives and recent people who have been baptized. 
Wednesday was awesome. We went to the temple in St. Louis. We picked up another set of Elders. We "accidently" took a detour on our way there and drove through St. Louis. We were a little early so we walked around and took pictures. Then we got inside and we were the first ones there. The guy at the front desk stops us and says "Can you go into that waiting room the Temple President would like to speak to you." The other Three Elders with me got so nervous but I was like, okay sweet. He came and got to know us and then left. After the temple, it was good to see everyone. Got to see Elder Thorsen and Elder Skinner and a bunch of other people. It was a lot of fun. We drove back home and dropped off the other set of Elders. 
Thursday is where the stories begin. We get a call in the morning around 8:50am and someone needs us to give a blessing. So we go down and see them. It was a good visit. Then we went to District Meeting, it was really good. We had some really good training. Everyone was pumped up and excited to get out there and work. We had exchanges, what that is is a switch between two missionaries companionships for the day with another set of missionaries. So I stayed in Alton with Elder Kama, who is from Fiji. Pretty cool. So we work all day and he was feeling a little sick all day wanting to throw up. We get home for the night and he is in a lot of pain in his lower right side on his stomach................ Can you guess what was happening? So I knew, but we called the missions health person just in case and she told us to go to the emergency room. So I drive us there, good thing it isn't too far. We get to the ER at 11pm and we get put into the janitor's closet of ER room! If you can see the pics I took you will understand. So we get there at 11pm and don't receive medical treatment until 12:15ish... Elder Kama is dying of pain like getting ready to yell it hurts so bad. So finally they get him some really good medicine and he instantly feels better. So we had a young nurse. So Elder Kama needs an IV. Elder Kama has some deep veins and he has darker skin so it is nearly impossible to find his vain. So the nurse goes or it and keeps stabbing him and pushing deeper then wiggling the IV it looked super painful but he finally found it. So a couple more tests go on and he has an Acuted Apendasistes. So they take us to the hospital room at 4am. We haven't slept yet. Finally, we fall asleep at 4:30ish and wake up at 6:30 to doctors working on Elder Kama. So I get 2 hours of sleep and Lynn comes down around 8am and we give Elder Kama a blessing and he lets me go down and grab some food from the cafeteria. Then they Prep Elder Kama for Surgery for 1pm. So while Elder Kama was having surgery I taught a lesson to Wendy she is getting baptized on Saturday and she needed to have this lesson so I went with Lynn it was really weird not having another missionary there helping teach. It was a good discussion none the less and we returned in time for Elder Kama to come out of surgery. We had to stay another night in the hospital to make sure everything was going well. 
Saturday we were able to leave the hospital which was great. I was running on 8 hours of sleep in the past 72 hours, it was unreal man. So they had to take the IV out of Elder Kama and the dang thing was bent from the nurse in the ER room. The rest of Saturday was a mild day. Not to much happened. 
Sunday the same thing but we had lunch at the Ferguson's as usual. So the week was fun and a lot of things came out of it. 
I can tell you that God Loves us because he has given us the scriptures and families to be a part of. Families are important in the church and so are the scriptures. I know the church is true. Have a great week and be safe.


Elder Washburn

Elder Thorsen

All the Missionaries that came out with me

Elder Skinner

Elder Kama

Post Surgery, Elder Kama and me at the Hospital

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