Monday, August 1, 2016

Louisiana Fast

Well, this week has been a go, go week. Not much time for resting last week. 

We went shopping and it was more to fill time but Monday night we went to the McClain’s for dinner and it was a lot of fun. We will be doing that again tonight as well. 

Tuesday we picked up our mini missionary Jeremy and we drove back to Alton. It is about an hour ride there and an hour ride back. We had exchanges and I got to go back to Edwardsville which was really weird. Sleeping in the same bed. It was a little trippy. We saw Ron and had dinner with Robert and Melody Sever. That was a blast it was just like old times. 

Wednesday we exchanged back at District Meeting. District Meetings are fun; I mixed basketball into my training. We did an activity in the gym. I had a Sister missionary shoot a three and a layup and had an Elder do the same. I compared it on how people are on different levels. We have to teach people not lessons we can't make investigators shoot threes when they can't make layups. It went well. After district meeting, we went to a member’s house and helped her move some things out of her basement and there were some giant ground spiders. Their bodies were as big as my thumb. It was awesome. Then we went to china buffet with a member. We saw a less active family with 20 sugar gliders that we go to feed and look at. 

Thursday we saw a less active Tonya; we shared the plan of salvation and had Mexican food which was good. After Tonya, we had a lesson with Wendy. Wendy is amazing we set a baptismal date for August 13 which is super exciting. After Wendy's lesson, we went to the Lok family which is very fun there kids are wild and it's funny. There is something about a white shirt and tie that makes kids go crazy, some adults as well are included in that. We visited our other investigator Kendra and she is also moving forward closer and closer to baptism. 

We were busy Friday we had some good lessons and we had dinner with Lynn and had chicken tenders which were good. 

Saturday was exhausting. We have a car full time and we are only allowed a certain amount of miles per month and we were really low so we had to do some walking. We got dropped off at a move and the move was finished and our ride left and wasn't coming back for a couple hours so we went down to the track and let our mini missionary run around the track then we ran up and down the stairs and practiced knocking on doors it was fun. Then we helped another person move we got sunburnt. After the move, we had a lesson with Josh and Jacob we read some things from the book of Mormon. After that lesson, we went to Larry Robinson's. We are all Brothas and he loves me because I am Native American it is funny Despain and I totally know he loves me because he is always calling me his blood brother and stuff its great. We didn't get the chance to eat lunch all day until 5pm we ate at Popeyes. I love Popeyes chicken it is so good. After that, we tracted a little bit then went home we were exhausted and tired and burnt. 

Sunday we had meetings then church. I love church here because Lynn makes treats for gospel principles class after sacrament meeting. We had lunch at a member's house and they made the best ice cream cake I have ever tasted I could have put that in an I.V bag and drained that into me. We had a meeting with a less active and he was really stressed out so we gave him a blessing then we drove down to the Stake Center with Lynn to drop off Jeremy. 

This week has been one big day it feels like we are hitting warp spend on the mission time. Have a great week read your scriptures and have fun. I love you all. Stay hydrated 


Elder Washburn

I love Popeye's

Our Mini-Missionary

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