Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Alton (July 25th 2016)

Gosh, why can’t a week ever go by slow now? I better be careful what I wish for... 

Last Monday we went shopping with Lynn and it was a lot of fun we stopped at some resale stores and I found a pair of black dress shoes that look new for $2.50. Yeah, they are great. We also ha dinner with the McClain family they are a fun family we go over there every Monday now which is fun we have family home evening over with them. 

Tuesday we had President interviews and District Meeting. President Bateman is a really good guy, I am looking forward to working more and more with him. After District meeting, we had exchanges with Elder Giffard in Glen Carbon, it was weird being there but it was a good exchange. We met with an 80-year-old couple. The husband had some questions on one topic and the wife had other question on another topic. So we were having two different lessons and then they would confuse each other, it was tough. As Grandpa Washburn would say “bless their hearts”. We then had a bible study class at the church which went well. 
Wednesday we exchanged back and it was raining very hard. We went and saw the Lok family and then we found two new investigators Josh and Jacob. It was a miracle. It turns out Josh has been to church, like a bunch of times and goes to scouts. He is actually working on his Duty to God. He was a very nice kid and we look forward to going back and talking to him. We also saw a couple other less-actives. 

Thursday was another great day. We started teaching another new person, her name is Wendy, she is awesome! She is so prepared, it is ridiculous. We told her to pray about a date to be baptized. So it is going very well with her. We had a lesson with another investigator, his name is Adam, he is suffering from some mental instability. We are working with him and we took Lynn to that lesson. Then we had dinner at a members house we had to take Lynn with us because she is a single lady. 

Friday we met with Brother Robinson and he told us all about being brothers and it was funny. He says the same thing every week. We found two new investigators from a couple. One is an inactive member, the other one wasn't. She is interested, her name is Teresa, but she likes to go by Rocky so it was good. We saw Lynn every day which is fun and getting our sodas. Lynn knows my weakness. Grape soda and Root Beer. It is fantastic. 

Saturday was hot and no one wanted to talk to us at all, it was rough.

Then Sunday was the same deal, not a lot of people home but we did have dinner with Lynn so that was great. It was a great week and it flew by as usual.

Have fun, be safe and know if you ever need anything or need anyone there is someone always there and knows what it is like and that is our savior Jesus Christ. Love you all press forward.


Elder Washburn

Preparing for the day

Elder Stout, preparing for the day.

I love this couple, Brother and Sister Hentai

Happy 4th

Halfway, Burning my shirt

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