Sunday, July 10, 2016

New Places and New Faces (July 5th 2016)

Well, to start it off hello from Alton Illinois about 45 minutes outside of my last area. In fact, my last area borders this one. I am back around the area I started in which is even weirder.

Last Monday we went to fast lane again and had dinner at the Wallen's, I love the Wallen's so much they are so funny.

Tuesday we just drove around trying everyone few and far between. Got a couple people to answer, but not much. Just a quick note I am doing all of this off memory and I have a different companion so I can't ask him what we did.

Wednesday we had district meeting and said our goodbyes to everyone then we kept knocking the doors and trying to find people to teach.

Thursday we did service and it was the last time working at the senior center serving food. The workers all came and shook my hand and said how much they appreciated me being there to help which was nice of them. Then we got ready for the rest of the day and were able to go to the library with Vito and showed him, which is just the churches website with inspirational videos and messages. He loved it! Then we drove out to Winfield and visited Harold for my last time. It was a god visit. Harold is the poor of the poor and he said in his prayer to bless those who aren't as fortunate as we are. It took me by surprise. I am more fortunate than Harold and he isn't very fortunate. So for him to say that made me ponder and think about the things I should be grateful for. Then we drove back and had dinner with the Spicer's. Brother Spicer has been trying to recruit me to the Navy for a long time and he a great guy, I love visiting him.

Friday we had weekly planning, then we went up to Frontenac which is a Sake Center in St. Louis where we went to meet our new mission president, President Michael Bateman. He is a great guy, he was a high school football head coach. He coached 9 years and won state 7 of those years. He is a winner! We had dinner with the Hunter's that night at Kikaro, it was a hibachi grill, it was so fun we caught shrimp in our mouths the food was great.

Saturday we had to deal with all the rain. It rained a lot on Saturday, we tried less-actives and potentials. Then we had dinner again at the Hunters. Afterwards we got transfer calls, I was told I was leaving and Elder Stout was staying. I then talked on the phone to missionaries about where they were going.

Sunday was my last Sunday in Dardenne Creek, it was awesome. Vito got the Aaronic Priesthood. Then I started packing, that was fun then I got tired of it so we went and saw members and had fun.

Monday I finished packing and went to the ZLs (Zone Leader's) and played sting pong and had fun at the mall. Then we had dinner with the Wallen's again at their house it is so fun there. Then we went to the Hunters and said goodbye and then went to the Odom's and said goodbye as well. We watched them light off fireworks it is crazy on the fourth of July here. Everyone lights them off, it sounds like a war zone and there is just a haze of smoke everywhere.

Well, everyone, I am 10 days from being gone a year that is so crazy thanks for all the love and support. have a great week and be safe.


Elder Washburn

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