Monday, July 11, 2016

Alton (July 11th, 2016)

Hello family and friends I am running out of time so I am going to write this really fast I hope it makes sense. 
Tuesday we had transfers. I left Elder Stout and went down to St. Louis and got picked up by Lynn Ennis who is a lot like brother Hente for the Alton ward which is great. He picked me up and we drove to Alton and I met my companion, Elder Despain. Elder Despain is a quiet guy he is anxious and nervous. He is the funniest guy ever when he warms up to you he says some funny stuff. We came and emailed got groceries and went to a lesson with an investigator. It went really well. We read Alma 36 with him and gave him a blessing. He has been dealing with a lot of guilt. So everyday and or night we go to a members house, his name is Lynn. He keeps a refrigerator stocked with soda for us so it looks like I won't stop drinking anytime soon. He has a buddy who lives with him, his name is Irwin. He is funny. Well, they are both funny. 
Wednesday it was raining pretty hard we were able to see the Lok family and the Haws. Both nice families the Haws are an older couple. The Loks are a younger family. We saw Lynn again and we stopped by Rikki and JD, that name might be familiar to you because I taught them in Edwardsville and they moved to Alton. So now that I am here I am teaching them again. We also saw Eric Lee Hankins a guy I baptized in Edwardsville who lives in Alton now. Such a small world we live in.
Thursday we had district meeting and it was my first one as a district leader. It went well, the Zone Leaders came. It was raining a lot that day as well. 
Friday we had Weekly Planning and tried a bunch of people, everyone wasn't answering their doors for us. 
Saturday was a lot of the same thing. So when I first got here to Alton the entire place was a mess! Well now everything is clean and organized and it doesn't look like two teenagers live there without Adult supervision. 
Sunday was a good day, Lynn makes Brownies for Church so that was awesome. 
I need to go I will write a better one next week have a great week I love you all and keep the faith.


Elder Washburn

Dardenne Creek Apartment

Elder Stout

No Cavities

Elder Stout.

Saying goodbye to my little friend. 

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