Monday, June 27, 2016

Go, Go, Go (June 27th 2016)

Hello, again it is going faster and faster every day and week. 
Last P-day or Monday was so sick we took a tour of Busch Stadium where the Cardinal's play, it was amazing, we even got to go down on the field and take pictures! It was really cool. Then we went to their Hall of Fame and I got to hold their 2006 & 2011 championship rings and Stan the Man's bat. Really cool stuff, I loved it. I defiantly want to come back for a game. That night we had dinner with the Holmes family and we had some really good French Toast Caesural. Then went to the Hunters. 
Tuesday we were able to see Vito with Brother Odom and talk to him and set up his baptism, we were also able to see Mary and then Brother Breeding and he gave us some lamps for our apartment. I don't know if we have any more room for anything. That night we had dinner with the Nielson family and we ate crab, which was awesome I love me some crab! That night we stopped by the De Los Santos and were able to talk with them for a little, they are less active. 
Wednesday we drove all the way out to Columbia to pick up our mini-missionary it is about an hour and 45-minute drive to Columbia. We picked up our mini missionary, a mini missionary is a young man or young women who is under the age of 18 who comes out with us, the missionaries, for a couple days to see what its like. We drove back and had a lesson with Curtis and dinner with the Marcos... so much fun she has like 8 dogs and 7 ducks or something like, that it was funny. We had Burger King for dinner with frozen strawberry cheesecake. 
Thursday was a blast we had "Hente Thursday" from 9:30am to 9:30pm we went and helped him deliver benches all over St. Louis. It was a lot of fun as usual with Brother Hente. We were able to see Harold and his kids and Sister Scott. Delivering the benches with Brother Hente was so much fun, I love that guy. For dinner we had Texas Roadhouse, it was refreshing. 
Friday we had district meeting and it was a good one. Elder Peterson's last one. Then we went to Vito's again for an interview to make sure he is ready to go and he passed. Then we went to Pickleman's with Elder Handley and his companion Elder Lindsey to say goodbye to Handley (His 2 years are up). We talked and were able to reminisce about the mission. Then we had dinner with the Fowl's family and that was fun. We had Pizza. 
Saturday we were busy because we had a baptism for Vito and I was able to baptize him it was amazing! Vito Lucido, he is Italian. He is a great guy. After the baptism, we had dinner with the Hunters then dinner with Brother Odom's. Then a mission welcome home party and we ate more then back to the Hunters for desert. It was a crazy, fun packed day. 
Sunday Vito was confirmed and church was great. It was pouring rain as we drove back to Columbia to take out mini-missionary home. It was a little sketchy at times but we made it through. We then turned around and drove home and went to the Hunters again and had dinner at 8pm, because we were starving. 
I have been thinking about a quote that a leader, in fact, the prophet said in one of his last addresses he said "May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong" The importance of right choices is crucial. We must always try our best and do what is right. Right choices can only bring us closer to our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ because they are those right choices. Have a great week and be safe.


Elder Washburn

Game Planning before we enter the Busch Stadium Tour

The World Series Trophy

Press Conference

Mighty Force

Elder Handley and me

Home Run!!!

Elder Stout

Elder Skinner


My District

Elder Handley before he went home this week.

Vito and I before his Baptism

Stout, Vito and me

Our Mini-Missionary

Elder Peterson is going home after 2 years. 

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