Monday, July 18, 2016

1 Year!!! (July 18th 2016)

I guess I should write this before I forget altogether. It has been a good week we had a lot of fun. 
Last Monday we went and played basketball with some missionaries in Ofallon Illinois. It was a lot of fun. I have been out a year now and everyone is a familiar face now. Basketball was a lot of fun and after basketball, we had dinner with a member and took Lynn Ennis with us because she is a single lady and rules are rules. 
Tuesday we had service at 8 am. We helped a lady paint her house to prep it to sell and they were moving. We did more than paint but that's okay service is service. Afterwards, they took us to the china buffet, it was sooooo good. After changing and getting ready we had a lesson with our investigator Adam. It went very well. We met with more people that evening and the lessons were good but not as good as Adams lesson. 
Wednesday it was raining pretty good outside. We met with a less active and her husband who have an interesting situation. They fed us soup, it was really really good we were really full. We made trips to a couple other less-active families and they all went well. For dinner, we had Steak n' Shake. 
Thursday was a good day, we had Zone Leader Training. Our Zone Leaders ,Elder Lovik and Sagers, are really fun. After the meeting, we went on exchanges with them. I went with Elder Lovik to the Zone Leaders area. We taught a couple less-active lessons and were able to find a new investigator as well. It was a lot of fun and it rained really hard. When we got back in for the night Elder Lovik put a lasagna in the oven for an hour so we talked. He went and checked it because it didn't smell like it was cooking. So he checked it and it wasn't cooking because we left the plastic cover on so we put it in for another 30 minutes but it was funny we were both super tired. 
Friday we exchanged back at the sketchiest place ever! It was underneath a freeway overpass. It looked like a place where you would make a deal. After exchanges, we mowed a less active ladies lawn. I got to ride a riding lawn mower which was fun. After we mowed her lawn had lunch and some lessons. Then I had to do some Baptismal interviews in East Alton for the Edwardsville Elders. They took awhile because they wanted to talk the whole time after I finished those we had dinner with the Hunter family, they came from Missouri to feed us which was awesome because it was my One year mark which is insane. 
Saturday we had a meeting with a member and lunch, then we went and mowed another person's lawn. No riding lawn mower this times, it was still fun. His name is Larry Robinson. He is a 6'3 black guy probably 60 years old and 250 plus. We got to talking and he is from the four corners reservation in Arizona. He was talking to me all about that, it was fun. Obviously, Dad is from up that way and he kept on saying "I want to meet your father" and he also said, "Tell your dad he is a good man because he taught you how to shake someone's hand the right way" (firm grip). So it was fun. Then we got pizza called in from my parents. Which was great, it hit the spot and I burned a shirt for the one year mark. 
Sunday I had the leftover pieces for breakfast it was amazing. Sunday was good we got fed lunch and I was so full. 
It was a good week we had fun and made the best of it. 
Have a great week everyone, do the small things because small and simple things are great things come to pass. Love you all and have fun.


Elder Washburn

New apartment in Alton IL we moved the beds to the bedroom instead of the living room.

Study. we moved this to the front room instead of the bedroom. 

colorful bugs here.

Should we knock on this door?

Bridge to St. Louis from Alton

Mississippi River

Major Storms came on Wednesday and Thursday

Really cool clouds. 

burning a shirt for my 1 yr mark

Representing every area and companion my 1st year

Great 1st yr in some great places with some awesome missionaries!

World's Tallest man in from Alton IL

Park dedicated to Robert Wadlow. 

Bronze status of his chair

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