Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer in Missouri (June 13th 2016)

Monday already? The weeks are rolling by. 
Last Monday we went to Fast Lane with Brother Spicer he is a funny guy. He is a little bit older but he kept on trying to get me to sign up for the Navy. At first, it was a joke then he kept on going and going until it wasn't a joke anymore. We saw a bunch of really cool expensive cars one of the cars they had was a 2006 Ford GT worth $300,000 and Stout got to sit inside it. So crazy. Fast Lane is a Classic Car dealership and they do a million dollars in business a month and sell about 10-15 cars a week. It was awesome. 
Tuesday we had a lesson with Vito and it went really good he is still scheduled to be baptized on June 18th. After Vito's lesson, we went to Steak N Shake with Brother Odom and picked up his kids from bowling. We had dinner with the Pulleys and we had waffles with Ice cream and strawberries. It reminded me of Waffle love. 
Wednesday we had district meeting and exchanges Elder Peterson who is also from Mesa Arizona came with me to Dardenne Creek and we were able to see Steve and that was a good visit and had dinner with the Jacobs that night for Dinner I love the Jacobs family because their kids are so fun. We did the egg lesson with them and Elder Peterson burned the hairs off his arm it was hilarious I was laughing so hard. I will need to send a video of how it is done. 
Thursday we had service and Hente time we were able to go see Sister Scott and had lasagna with her at her house soooo good and saw Harold I played outside with the kids while they looked at Harold's van. We saw Tara and it was a good visit with her as well. We haven't been to Texas Roadhouse in a long time because everyone wants to feed us. Brother Hente always jokes around that Texas Roadhouse calls him because they miss us so much. 
Friday we had weekly planning and tried to contact a whole slew of people not too many people answered. We had dinner with the Hunter and we went to Longhorn Steakhouse and I got the chewiest steak of my like each bit took about 5 minutes to chew. It was still good we had a meeting with Brother Odom and after that, we went to Oberweis because it is really good. 
Saturday we had a similar day to Friday just trying to talk to a lot of people but in the morning we helped a member split wood and deliver it to a family and that was all types of fun good thing he had a splitter or we would have been there for a long time. Good thing it wasn't too hot. we had dinner at the Cardwell's and we had chicken tenders and sweet potato tots. After Dinner, we went and saw a less active Damon Andersson and he has a sweet 2003 Corvette. None of it is stock. He took Stout and me for a ride (at the same time) Stout sat on my lap and he gunned it everywhere it was awesome Stout couldn't get the grin off his face it was sick!!!! 
Sunday we had church and Vito, Tara, Tim and Ron came to church Ron isn't an investigator he is a handicap guy who is very Catholic but knows all of the missionaries in this area and comes to the library and emails with us, in fact, he is sitting next to me right now he is funny we love Ron. We had dinner with the Hunters and we had a surprise water balloon fight I don't think they ever learn we won again. 
I don't bare my testimony enough in these emails. I have been thinking a lot about the events that took place in Joseph smiths life after the first vision. The things that happened to him are true because god loves us and hasn't forgotten about us and he needed the right person at the right time in history. Joseph smith is a prophet and if you don't know that yet, study,ponder and pray ad you can know it as well. Have a great week and I love you all.


Elder Washburn
Jacobs kids want to be missionaries

Jacobs Family

Cutting Wood for a family

Elder Stout splitting wood

St. Louis Temple

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