Tuesday, June 7, 2016

President & Sister Morgan (June 6th 2016)

So the week was great some things happened that made it better than most. 
Monday we had memorial day and it was a lot of fun. We played softball from 10 am to 12 pm. Stout and I got on the same team and won 35-10 it was fun then the next game we got split up it was closer and we won 17-13. It was like a home run derby it was fun. Then we had the memorial day picnic and we ate and there was a trebuchet down there a member built and he was launching candy to the kids it broke it was funny. Since we didn't come email because of Memorial Day we had a lot of extra time so we went down to our stake center and played basketball with 10 other missionaries it was some good intense ball. No weaklings on the court. We played for 3hrs I was exhausted. then we had the Hunters for dinner and had some delicious pork steaks and had an unplanned water fight with them. 
Tuesday was good we were able to go see Katie an investigator and had dinner with the Payne family their kids are hilarious we had so much fun with them. 
Wednesday we had service down at the senior center and helped serve food it was really slow so there wasn't much to do. we also spent the rest of the day trying to fix my bike by getting a pump and trying to find a tire because my back tire was balding. We tried to find things to fix it but didn't get to fix it until Friday. We had dinner with a less active member Damon Andersson. he was so cool there is a restaurant out here that gives free pies on Wednesdays we went there and it was worth it got a free piece of apple pie. 
Thursday we had zone conference in Columbia and I had to drive it was a 2hr drive it was full of dense forest and open fields and lots of rolling hills I don't know how the pioneers did it. Zone conference was great last one with President and Sister Morgan. On the way home we went through the Missouri Tigers campus and got free Coldstone. We drove home and went to Buffalo Wild Wings. It was a great day. 
Friday like I said we fixed my bike and went and saw Vito and set a baptismal date with him for June 18 which is exciting. He is awesome.
Saturday we helped a hoarder move her stuff to the dumpster and had stake conference meetings. Before we had stake conference meetings we had dinner with Crystal Eddings and the Hunters. We ate burgers and hot dogs which were great and went to the meetings and had Oberweis after, it was a great day. 
Sunday we had Stake conference. 
I need to go, I love you all. The Church is true and I know that for certain now because I have read and prayed to know.  Have a great week, Peace!


Elder Washburn
Mizzou Football Stadium
Lonely Cloud
Zone Conference
Last Zone Conference with President and Sister Morgan
2-hour drive home from Columbia were we had Zone Conference
Beautiful rolling hills, green everywhere. 
We stopped by a vintage car dealership.
Grandpa Doug would like this Shelby.

Ford GT. Awesome car!

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