Monday, June 20, 2016

Hot Hot Hot (June 20th 2016)

Last Monday we had what is called a priesthood P-Day. It's where all the male missionaries get together. We played basketball and Volleyball.  So, that was a lot of fun and we had dinner with the Hunters that night, we brought Elder Peterson and Elder Bishop with us (Weldon Spring Elders) with us to show them what fun is like. 

I am going to change it up. So this week was super hot. We ran out of water a couple times on the bikes! We were able to get more, but I am surprised we didn't get sunburned or dehydrated at all. We had a lot of fun dinners this week. We had dinner with the Fords, Holmes, Brother Hente, Hillam's, Hedquiest's and the Cardwell's. The Fords were fun because Brother Ford is a cool dude and we just got to talk about the mission and his mission. So, it was fun and I have to admit I did not ask him if he like Chevy's or Fords more, my bad. 
The Holmes are fun because their kids are funny. It was the night of many spills. Everyone was spilling their drink. It was funny we were all laughing about it. 
Brother Hente was great. As usual. We ate with Harold and it was a small meal then ate at Red Robin. 
Hillam's were fun, we talked a lot about both of their missions. 
Hedquiest's were awesome. She is Samoan and they told us all these stories and showed us how to eat and cut coconuts which was awesome. She also made chocolate chip cookies that were organic and healthy. They sound gross but they were awesome. I couldn't stop eating them and I didn't feel bad about doing it either. 
Cardwell's were last night. They like having us over and we have some good conversations. 
I cut Andrew Hunters hair and I did an awesome job. So we were out tracting on Friday (knocking doors) and this old lady answers and it is 100 degrees outside and humid. Her door is facing the sun so the reflection and heat are bouncing back at us. We are trying to talk to her and she can barely hear. We were sweating so bad it was crazy.
At the Senior center on Thursday, there was a performer there for Fathers Day and it was a girl. We had break time so we go sit down and listen and the lady is not too terribly old, in her late 40s and she starts winking at us and invites us up to dance in front of all the Seniors! It was hilarious the old people loved it. 
Next week we have a baptism on the 25th! That will be exciting and today for P-Day we will be going down to Busch Stadium where the Cardinals play baseball and will be taking a tour of the ballpark which will be really fun. 
Hope everyone has a great week. In my personal study, I have been reading a lot about the Creation and Joseph Smith. The Creation is amazing. I was reading Joseph Smith history, it is basically Joseph Smiths account on what happened to him and one of the things that caught my eye was it was his first time praying vocally. That is amazing to me. Soon after he began praying, the account says immediately after he began to pray Satan bounded his tongue so he couldn't pray and he was in a darkness. It is much better to read the account than hear it from me. But he was in a darkness then he saw a pillar of light. The comfort and hope he must have felt would have been amazing. That is the same comfort we get when we go through hard times and it feels dark and lonely and we feel we can't escape it. Thanks to the gospel and the light it brings. We can feel hope and love. Just something I have been pondering and thinking about. Thanks for tuning in this week, have a great week and be safe.


Elder Washburn

Elder Stout being greeted by two dogs. 

Out on our bikes. Long Earth Warm.

Sunset in St. Louis

Cutting Hair.

Andrew Hunter getting an Elder Washburn haircut

Preisthood P-Day

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