Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Happy Memorial Day (May 31st 2016)

Last Monday we had a relaxing P-day we just emailed and hung out then helped a member fix her car with Brother Tiffany and Brother Hunter. 
Tuesday we went out with Brother Odom and saw our investigators and had dinner with an investigator it was really fun. I really want to baptize that family. 
Wednesday we had District Meeting and exchanges and Bishop came with me and we saw Brother Breeding, we had dinner with the Hunters that night. We played some ball afterwards. 
Thursday had "Hente time" and we had service in the morning and taught Vito, Tara, Harold and Sister Scott. I got car sick because I read in the car to Tara because she forgot her phone at a friends. We drove home and a really bad rain storm came. 
Friday we had weekly planning, we decided to go tract and a lady told us she prays for us because we are going down the wrong path. I looked her in the eyes and said "thank you", then the next couple of houses everyone said no then we saw Heidi. Had dinner with the Cardwell's and went to the Spicers which were both fun. 
Saturday we went to a members baptism and saw Curtis afterwards and ate at China Wok and went to the Hunters.
Sunday we had church ate with the Snows and went to the Hunters. Yesterday we played softball from 10-noon and I had like 8 home runs  and never got out. Then we ate and watched a trebuchet a member put together and it broke, it was great. Afterwards played basketball with a bunch of other missionaries. That night we went to the Hunters and had a water fight.

Elder Washburn
New Mission Bike

Mr. Turtel

Dardene Creek Memorial Day Picnic

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