Monday, May 2, 2016

When it Rains it Pours (May 2nd 2016)

Monday was fun we played basketball against Christian Brothers College High School we lost by 2..... Can't wait for next year to play them again. We had dinner with the Mantles again we had breakfast burritos. 
Tuesday was a great day, so we went and saw Heidi again and the past couple times we have been over she just vents and argues. Well, she has finally decided to let us teach her and she described the plan of salvation without knowing what it was it was great. Then we went to Curtis and we started to teach him (outside) and the worse rain storm of the year hit. We got soaked but we had the car. So we drove home the sky was green and the rain was coming in sideways which means Tornado weather. A tornado hit 15-20 miles where we live we didn't see it but that's awesome. Then we went and found a new couple to teach, Julie and Tony. They are really cool and want us to teach them. They have a lot of potential. We had dinner with the Cardwell's for dinner and we got full. Also saw the Spicer's a less active couple and it was a fun visit. 
Wednesday we had a busy day we went to District meeting and Elder Stoddard and I gave a training together it was so fun after district meeting we got Oberweis then Brother Beasley came and got us he is a great guy he is in his 60s and he is go, go, go. He woke up at 2:30 drove to Kansas city then came and got us at 12:45 and drove us around the Winfield area and we saw a bunch of less actives,  it was great. Then we had dinner with the Cook family it was a lot of fun. They had a return missionary in Brazil 9 months ago and he has been at BYUi he was fun to talk to we got so full from dinner. 
Thursday was Hente Time we had service at the senior center and it went great it was Stouts first time. Then Hente came and got us and we had a blast. We saw Gini, Harold, Sister Scott and Tara. Gini's was fun she gave us some blueberry muffins they were so good... then we went to Harold's. His kids are funny always running around. Spencer, Aries, and Willow. Then we went to Sister Scotts and it was fun she fed us cherry and cranberry pie. We had a good lesson about the after life her husband just recently passed away. After her we went to Tara's and there were some teenage kids there that Brother Hente felt like he needed to counsel so he went off and was saying a bunch of stuff it was great I love Brother Hente. We didn't have Ethlys or Texas Roadhouse we had Applebees and it was fun but we went because it was so late. 
Friday was fun we tracked into a guy named Euri he is from Russia he moved to the states when he was 3 years old and he let us teach him and gave us a Powerade. That night we went to Ross and got ties and I got three but paid for 2 because the cash register slipped it in there for me he was a good guy we talked with him for a little bit. Nice guy. 
Saturday was fun we were able to teach Queton and Trentin and Dave and had dinner at the Denton's and it was pretty interesting, to say the least. Great family. Dave is funny we had to explain to him Nephi and his family ad Laban about 20 times. Plus he smokes during the whole lesson and there are no fans it is tough. 
Sunday was fun Quenton and Trentin came to church they wore all black. They looked like young thugs it was great they had a lot of fun. Harold came to church again that is his 4th Sunday in a row. We had dinner at the Hunters and that was a lot of fun. 
It was a great week for us we are having fun while we do that work and that's the secret to being successful. Love you all have a great week. Church is True. 


Elder Washburn
Watching the rain from our apartment
This bird would not fly away. 
The mighty Mississipi River. 
I am a Mormon!!!
Elder Stout, he's a Mormon too. 
Chasing a future investigator...
Double Rainbow

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