Monday, April 25, 2016

Hot and Humid (April 25th 2016)

Well it was a good week last week we went down and played basketball at Frontenac it was fun, got a good sweat in. 
Tuesday we went and saw Heidi and tried to see more people. It was raining all day it was great. Lucky for us we got to get inside people's houses and teach them but we got soaked. It was not a fun day. We were walking to this members house and it was in the rain and we were talking and this lady pulls up in like a 07 odyssey, she wasn't threatening at all and she offered us a ride so we took it. That's probably dangerous but it is a missionary opportunity. She ended up giving us her phone number and offered us a home cooked meal because she knew we were away from home for 2 years which is awesome. We had dinner with the Odom's that night and before dinner we played basketball out front with their kids, it was really fun. After dinner, we were biking around looking for something to do so we went to a potential and his friend opens the door and there is this really loud music playing, we sit down and I look around and there is weed on the table and a bong. It was crazy they offered us some so we faked a phone call and got out of there. 
Wednesday it rained pretty hard again. We were able to go see Dave then Ethan after dinner with the Fassman's. Dave is a lot like Ron if you remember him... just crazy. Ethan is 17 and is searching for God so we are teaching him. 
Thursday was Hente day but we started off with a missionary meeting called a ZLT it was fun got to see a lot of people afterward. I invited missionaries over for lunch not thinking they would come but they did. Then Hente came and brought his wife along with him and she is funny and great but she would always butt into the lessons and take over but its cool she was able to connect with the women we went and saw which is what they needed. Had Texas Roadhouse, as usual, it was still a fun day. 
Friday we were able to give a blessing at the hospital it was good then ate at the cafeteria after. It was good Elder Stouts tire was flat so we had to walk it was fun none the less then we tried more people throughout the day we walked a lot. 
Saturday was really hot and long. We biked no joke 20 miles up and down hills it was tough I got a sunburn and my legs were like jello. We ate at Chick-fil-A with Sister Hunter and it was nice to get a good break. Then we tried more people then Stout got a bag at Goodwill it was pretty sick and we had oberweis then we got a sweet surprise. Mom and Dad sent us pizza we really needed it that day, Stout was in shock we loved it thanks, mom and dad. 
Sunday we had a good day we had church and it was fun and then we had dinner at the Hinchcliff's now that was really fun then we biked some more to close out the day it was a short long fast slow week glad to have the car back. 
The church is true no matter how hot and humid it gets. Have a great week everyone I will talk to you all soon 


Elder Washburn

Under a tree, trying to stay dry.

Trying to stay dry

My study desk

Elder Stout takes a lot of naps

Package arrived!!! 

Pizza. Thanks, Mom & Dad

Chilling eating Pizza Mom & Dad sent 

Me and Stout at the St. Louis Temple

Playing a little Ball 

LDS Missionaries vs Catholic Prep School

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