Monday, May 9, 2016

10 months

Well hello everyone it has been another fast week. It all feels like one big day. 
Monday was fun we went to St. Louis. It was so fun we had Fitz's for lunch and as we were eating a member of the church in the area paid for all of our food and said from an old missionary to a new missionary pretty cool stuff. After Fitz's, we went to the arch. We had to drive downtown a little because there is no parking. So it was cool to see everything then we walked to the Arch and took pictures. We finally got tickets and they were only $10 it was great. On our way up Stout threw up in the elevator it was so funny. good thing it Is only a 4-minute ride. He was about halfway up when he did. the Elevators are so small. We took pictures at the top of the arch. Finally, check that off the bucket list. Then we had dinner with the Wallens and that was fun. 
Tuesday was a good day we had our president interviews and district meeting and it was my last interview with president Morgan before he goes home. After interviews and district meeting we saw Heidi and she was stubborn. It was a fun day we had dinner with the Paynes. It was fun we ate sloppy Joes and I sat next to their toddler and he kept trying to feed me oranges and stuff it was funny. He would get the juice out then spit them into my hand it was hilarious. I was watching him the whole time I felt like I was his parent.
Wednesday was fun we tracked most of the day and had a good lesson with a new his name is nick. We decided to take a break and walked to McDonald's it was funny there was a fish tank in there so we sat in front of it and watched the fish then they started to attack each other and it was very entertaining. Brother Marco took us to dinner at Golden Coral it was fun but the food was okay nothing special. 
Thursday was Hente Time and it was fun we had service then went out with Hente and his wife and saw the usual Gini, Tara, Sister Scott and Billy it was fun and all were good visits. I got a Snapple at QT before we went up to Winfield and man those things are good. 
Friday we were able to see Curtis and it was a good visit he is finally starting to grasp everything. We had dinner with the Hunters that night it was fun we had to make it quick because a member was picking us up to go on team-ups and we were able to see a less active lady who is from mesa Arizona and was supposed to go to Westwood we talked for a little about sun splash and big surf it was cool what a small world. 
Saturday we saw Dave and Queton and Trentin it was fun Dave smoked and Q and T were fun we played basketball it was hot all day then it turned to cold and overshadow which is not a good sign because that's tornado weather so we left and got caught in the rain. Before that happened we were able to read the book of Mormon and they wanted to come to church again. it rained for a little and we went back to the "fish" McDonalds and waited then went back out and worked. After working we came home. So we have had this rabbit come to our apartment porch the past couple of days and eat and shred our foam chair outside so we set it up so there is only one way in and one way out. So we came home and he was out there and we trapped him in the porch and took pictures with him and touched him we didn't pick him up but we did touch him. It was fun his name is billy. We had a district dinner type thing at Wendy's it was fun when we got home Billy escaped. 
Sunday we went to the Odom's and had lunch and had a giant nerf war in the basement. It was fun and we got Q and T and came to church it was fun I felt like a parent on Sunday. Trentin wouldn't sit still. It was a good Sunday we went to the hunters and skyped then had dinner and played some basketball it was a good week had lots of fun and it went by quick. 
A quote that I heard that was really good it goes like this "Satans greatest lie is wrapped in many truths" it is true satan is very good at what he does. He has been here longer than us and the gospel can give us reassurance and hope. have a good week and have fun.

Elder Washburn

Elder Stout and outside of Fitz's

On our way to see the"Arch"

Old Rams Stadium

Getting down with the fish people.

View from the top of the Arch

Billy the rabbit

Q & T at church

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