Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Transfer Over. On to the Next One‏ (May 23rd 2016)

Well, another week come and gone and the transfer is over. Stout and me are staying and so that means I will be here until early July. Time is flying by and it keeps going faster. 

Monday we played golf again it was fun it was a little rainy again but we still had fun. Stout beat me I came in second. we had dinner with the Mantles that night. I am starting to learn that I get a reaction to not having gluten. Every time I go to the Mantles I come home and have.... you know what I mean. This was the worst one yet. it last 6 days. "I have had diarrhea since Easters" I now know what that actually means. 
Tuesday was a rainy day. We were getting too wet riding in it with our bikes so we walked and still got pretty wet we had dinner with the Holmes family and that was a lot of fun. Basically, any place we go to that has little kids I just have a blast. 
Wednesday we had district meeting. So I remember a song from back home, not the whole thing. but it goes "Chef Curry with the shot, boiii" so I have been saying that a lot and everyone has picked up on it and for our district picture everyone is doing the James Harden mixing bowl and saying "Chef Curry with the shot, boiii" it's hilarious. We had dinner with the Miller family and they made this amazing meal and great desert. Coconut cream pie is awesome. They live up in Elsberry and Brother Hunter went with us up there it was fun. 
Thursday was Hente time, as usual, we had a blast we were able to see Harold and Tara and Sister Scott and we taught them all the plan of salvation. Sister Scott made Elder Stout do it by himself it was good for him. She is a less active that wants to come back and get her temple recommend. 
Friday was fun we had weekly planning and were able to clean the apartment I love cleaning the apartment it is so relaxing when it's clean. We tried going to a bunch of our investigators and no one answered. We had dinner at the Hunters and that was alright... Jk it was really fun Andrew challenged me to a spaghetti eating challenge and I destroyed him I am 3-0 against him. We had Apple Crumble for dessert it was so good. 
Saturday was the day of service. So we helped with a move at 7am to 9am then came home. in the middle of studies, we get a call that someone needs a blessing. I popped my bike tire and we didn't have the car and no one could go so we decided to run there in service clothes. We ran and thought a neighborhood would lead through and it didn't so we go stranded and tried to go through the forest but that didn't work either. we finally got to the blessing and then went and helped with another move then went and helped Brother Odom paint his house and after that we had dinner with the Butts family. It was a crazy busy day. 
Sunday we had church and dinner with the Odoms and had a nerf war in the basement and made a fort it was a lot of fun. Everyone have a great week the church is true because the scriptures testify that it is. Thanks everyone for reading my crazy emails. Have a great week and be safe.

Love,Elder Washburn
I love fast cars
This is my favorite Ice cream place. Oberweis Dairy
"Chef Curry with the shot, boiii"
Big Moth, holy moly that thing is big...

Elder Stout and I having fun.

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