Monday, April 11, 2016

Training (April 11th 2016)

Well hello and good morning. It is a nice rainy day here in St. Peters. Last 
Monday we went golfing with a member which was really fun. Brother Marco is a really funny great guy we hit a lot of balls and on the way home he almost got us killed it was great! oh, do you want me to tell you about it? okay fine so we were driving home on the freeway and we are getting off and it's a two lane get off and we are on the shoulder and a car try's to merge over into our lane. Brother Marco likes to race cars and is a dare devil so instead of slamming on the brakes and slowing down or honking the horn he decides to speed up... we get pushed all the way technically off the road and we speed by. Crazy Brother Marco. Then we had dinner with the Hedquests and it was good. 
Tuesday was fun but long a lot of things fell through we were a little irritated so we went and skipped rocks it was fun. we taught Heidi it was good had dinner with the Lees. 
Wednesday we had district meeting and then we went to Elsberry with Brother Marco we taught some people up there on the way back was scary. Every time we are with Brother Marco we almost die so we are driving down a back highway only one lane on each side and Brother Marco is going 5 under the speed limit. So a car decides to pass him so he speeds up and the car passes by then he decided to pass him and there was another car in front of him and there is oncoming traffic in the distance so he jumps out and hits 95 mph and the speed limit is 60 and we narrowly miss the oncoming traffic it was crazy my hands got really sweaty and my life was flashing before my eyes... Crazy Brother Marco. 
Thursday was Hente Thursday it was fun we went to Gini's who is a funny lady in her 80's. then saw Tara it was good to see her. Good visit. saw Tina and Harold then we went to Ethlys instead of Texas Roadhouse which was fun good little switch around. Then we talked to Brother Hente for 20 minutes it was fun. Love Brother Hente. 
Friday I cut Elder Dunn's hair with Scissors it looked pretty good starting to get the hang of it. we went and saw Curtis and Dorenda both old people and good visits. We had the Jacobs for and it was so fun I love that family they are so great. I love to play with their kids. 
Saturday was good we went and saw Trentin and Quenton and they are two brothers of an investigator we are teaching we play ball with them all the time they are so funny they are 8 and 9 years old. They are such little thugs. It is hilarious. We got Transfer calls as well and I will be training a new missionary and Elder Dunn will be going to Decatur Illinois. Excited to train. Hope everyone has a great week the church is true. be safe. stay hydrated! 


Elder Washburn

Hitting Range Balls

Skipping Rocks

District Meeting.

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