Monday, April 18, 2016

9 Months? (April 18th 2016)

Well hello everyone hope you guys had a great week last week. 
So Monday we didn't go to the city we just went to the mall and Canes and shopped around. I got this sweet Jaguar painting from Goodwill his name is Ezekiel. We also had Elder Marchant and Stoddard with us which was fun then for Dinner we ate with the Hunters it was a lot of fun. It was Dunns last dinner in Dardenne Creek. 
Tuesday Elder Dunn got packed up and sent him off to Decatur, Illinois. It was just Elder Stoddard and I. We got picked up and went and saw Heidi again. We saw a couple more people and then we went and tracked and found someone new to teach! Her name is Katie it was a short visit, it was good. That night Brother Killpack picked us up and took us to Ruby Tuesdays. It was fun and when we got back I cut Elder Stoddard's hair with scissors. I don't know why people trust me but I haven't failed them yet. 
Wednesday I gave birth and had my Son, Elder Stout, and he is outStouting;) haha he is cool, he loves cars and we quote Nacho Libre all the time. We came back to the apartment with Stoddard and his new companion (he is training as well) and we hung out and got them settled in and had pizza for dinner then Stout and I went to the Hunters for desert and it was fun. 
Thursday we woke up and went and did service for a less active, I mowed her lawn and it was tough. It was hot outside. We had pizza for lunch then came home and changed and Brother Hente came and got us. We saw Tara, Tim and Harold it was good we had a lot of fun and capped off the day with Texas Roadhouse. 
Friday we had weekly planning and we cleaned the apartment from head to toe it was great. We had dinner with the Spicers who are less active we went to Ethlys and it was really good. We both overate and then they ordered desert and we had some really rich chocolate cake I ate most of it (it was just a slice) it was more like fudge. So Elder Stout goes to the bathroom and comes back he was in there for a while. Turns out he was throwing up in there because he ate too much. haha poor guy but so funny. 
Saturday was interesting. We got a call and drove down to clean the church and Brother Marco was down there and he offered to take us to breakfast and we accepted I promise we didn't get close to dying. After breakfast, we went and helped someone move it was so disgusting and ew. After doing that we came home washed our hands and had lunch then we went and saw Gini, Curtis, and Dave it was fun we didn't have dinner with anyone so we had dinner at the apartment. 
Sunday we had church Harold and Tara came. We had the Hunters for dinner again it was so fun. So one of their sons Andrew wasn't eating his green beans so I challenged him if I ate the rest of the green beans in the bowl before he finishes he had to do something I couldn't remember. So there are three times the green beans in the bowl than there is on his plate so I start pounding away and I beat him and drank the juice afterward as well it was gross my stomach was a little upset afterward but I won that's what matters. 
Well, I love you all, thanks for the love and support. You guys are great, the church is true. No doubt. Read your scriptures and be safe.


Elder Washburn

p.s I am a solid 180lbs right now....

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