Monday, April 4, 2016

General Conference (April 4th 2016)

Well, what a week it was fun and just all around great. 
Monday we didn't go to St. Louis like we originally planned we ended up playing Soccer with basically our district and Zone Leaders. it was really fun we enjoyed ourselves it was tiring. 
Tuesday We had a lesson with Heidi and it went well it was a good visit, we then went up to Winfield about 20 25 minutes away and tracked and we were walking to this one house and the houses around us are spread out and we are walking towards the house about 4 or 5 cars away and these two big German Shepherds bolt out at us from off the porch both at least 150 lbs. I turn around and booked it. Thank the Lord for Coach Burcar because I turned on a dime and was half way down the street. I outran the dogs and Dunn ran into the nearby field and he dropped his planner so we ran to the car and drove by and got the planner and the Two dogs started to chase us in the car. Nuts!!!!! We then went to David's house and investigator in St. Peters who is 17. We went with a return missionary and we played some dunk ball then read about alma the younger. it was a great fun day. 
Wednesday we had Elder Bates with us he has been out a couple of weeks and he came with us because his trainer went to the temple for his one year mark. We tried potentials and helped a new member move in it was a good fun day. Had dinner with the Hunters and it was really fun. 
Thursday was Hente Time. We saw a bunch of people and it was really fun and had Texas Roadhouse, as usual, we don't need menus anymore. 
Friday we had district meeting and went and got Oberweis before. We had a temporary exchange Elder Dunn needed to tune up the bike he bought from a missionary. it was fun we got yelled at by a couple people then Dunn and I got yelled at by a lady to get off her porch it was great. 
Saturday was Conference we drove to St. Louis where we watched the first session and afterward went to the Mission Presidents house and had Pancakes. It was great we played basketball in the backyard I loved it. Then we watched The next Session and Priesthood Session at the Cardwell's home it was great. 
Sunday we went to the Odom's for the first session and had burgers afterward then went to the Hunters for the afternoon session it was really fun. Conference was awesome and if you didn't get to watch it go watch it or listen to a talk do something. 

I know that those men who spoke are called of god and the message they shared were divine and for us. Thanks for the love and support have a great week be safe and have fun.


Elder Washburn
Elder Dunn and I out in the country

Out Tracking

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