Monday, March 28, 2016

Subject? (March 28th 2016)

Last week was here then gone in a snap of a finger. 
Monday was fun got the car washed got our groceries emailed then went and played basketball it was really fun. There are some Elders who are pretty good and it is just nice to have people to play against. Had dinner with the Holmes family and they are great. 
Tuesday was great. Dunn wasn't feeling too good when he woke up but we still went out and worked we had some more Oberweis and were able to find two new people to teach and talked to a lot of people then had dinner at the Odoms which was great we had steak. Brother Odom went to an appointment with us then got some Dairy Queen afterward. 
Wednesday we had district meeting and taught a lesson afterward with a member about the atonement and Prophets. It went good I enjoyed talking to him. We went to Church on the Rock which is a local mega-church here in the area and it was just a rock concert. We tried potentials and had fun just trying to continue to build the area up. 
Thursday we had service at the senior center and it was great. We got ready and Brother Hente came and got us and it was great we went and saw Harold and it was a great visit we shared an Easter message. Harold is going to make us some coin rings which will be cool. We saw Tara as well she has been dealing with a lot and it was a good visit for her. We went to Billys house he is one of Brother Hentes workers and he comes to church every Sunday. He does more than some members do he will pick up people we are teaching he is a great guy it was good to talk to him. Then we went to Texas Roadhouse, as usual, it was a fun day. 
Friday We had weekly planning and it was good I cleaned the apartment again then we had exchanges I had Elder Peterson and he is from Mesa Arizona and he went to Westwood. Small world. The ward had a fundraiser and we went it was a good time we helped out with it all and got fed. 
Saturday was fun we tracked and taught a new guy named Curtis. he is an older gentleman it was good. We had dinner with the Beasleys he is a member of the bishopric and he is a great cook we had steaks again which were really good. He read us some of his poems which were good it was a great day. 
Sunday we had Easter and went to dinner at the Cardwells it was good I enjoyed it. It was an overall good week and we had success and fun which was most important. 
Still striving to be obedient. The church is true and I hope everyone can have a great week and be safe!


Elder Washburn
Our Car

Superstition or just Celebrating

Finally shredded my 1st pair of pants (8 1/2 months.)

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