Monday, March 21, 2016

The Weeks Keep Rolling By‏

another week down?? gosh, time is flying this transfer it's incredible. Feels like I was at the library yesterday emailing... was I? Just kidding I wasn't but it feels like it. 
Anyways we had a good time at the Zoo last week it was really fun it wasn't too hot and we also went to the Catholic Basilica in St. Louis it was really cool and we got a personal tour from a worker down there. He showed us all the cool ins and outs of the church building. We had dinner with the Wallens they are so sick he is a ball player and played High School basketball with Mario Chalmers. Talked about the Warriors it was great. 
Tuesday was fun we tracked a little bit and talked to some people had fun doing that it was a little hot that day and I loved it I miss the heat. Had dinner with the Hansen's and they talked about politics it went all over my head but it was fun. After dinner, we talked to some more people and then went to Goodwill and got three sick ties. One of them was a catfish tie its great. 
Wednesday we woke up and it was dark and I ran into the trash can and spilled the trash. Great way to start the day. Then later we went to Oberweis and saw Seth our favorite worker and then had district meeting. We had exchanges it was fun we walked a lot and had pizza with a less active it was fun. 
Thursday was a blast with Brother Hente. We exchanged back and went to service. it was fun it was St. Patrick's day and we did our service at the senior center it was fun. Then Brother Hente came and got us and I got to sit up front with him and we just joked back and forth the whole day we rode this tractor and taught lessons and went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner and we talked with all the waitresses and waiters about what we do we are a hit down at Texas roadhouse it was really fun brother Hente is great he can't stop laughing around me.. It was really fun I love Thursdays. 
Friday was fun as well we had lunch with some elders it was fun our zone leaders came as well then we went to service and we helped a member move some couches and while moving their old stuff out and the new stuff in we got a new recliner couch which is so comfortable I love it. We had dinner with the Loveless's it was great I like that family a lot and afterward, we went to Goodwill and I bought this sick Jesus painting they had for $3 our apartment is really coming together. 
Saturday we planned and I cleaned basically the whole apartment. Yes, I know mom crazy huh? But I did it looks good. had dinner with a really sweet lady sister rose. she is great we had KFC. 
Sunday it snowed... I thought we were over this but we weren't and we went to church it was good Elder Dunn spoke it was a good Sunday and we had dinner with The Hintchcliff's they are a fun family had a great week. Today for P-day we are going to play basketball in St. Louis. Should be fun feels good playing ball releases stress. Have a great week and have fun but most importantly be safe.


Elder Washburn
St Louis Zoo 2016

Catholic Basilica in St. Louis

Catholic Basilica

Learning how to Farm

Planning, Planning & Execution

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