Monday, March 14, 2016

8 Months (March 14th 2016)

It has been a good week. Daylight savings was yesterday. Not really used to that stuff because I am an AZ rat. Last week we went and played ball we had a lot of fun we were a little sore after because of how much we played. 
Tuesday was a good day we found this ice cream place by our apartment it is called Oberweis it is really good. Elder Dunn and I stopped by there before we went back to the apartment. we tried some potentials and knocked some doors. we had dinner with the Pulleys it was the shortest dinner ever only 30 minutes long. It was fun dinner was good it was just really short. Then we taught a less active couple it was a good visit. 
Wednesday we had district meeting it went well I gave a training. We had lunch then went and tried people and knocked some more doors then we went and sat inside a catholic church it was cool never been inside one before. We just sat in the chapel we didn't have mass it was too early. Then we went and taught Gini she is a funny old lady about 80 years old loves art and music boxes. Then we taught another less active which was awesome it was a good day. 
Thursday was great as usual. Had Hente Thursday we had service in the morning then we went and saw a bunch of people it was fun and we went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Brother Hente is awesome. 
Friday was a good day we had weekly planning then we went out tracked and taught a transgender it was different. Still taught. We had dinner at a part-members house and the non-member expressed that he wanted to get baptized which was awesome it was a really good day. 
Saturday was fun Elder Dunn got a haircut then we drove up to the northern part of our area about 27 miles and tracked. Ther was one house with a tied up dog in the front and so I tell Elder Dunn lets go. he looks at me and says no way and I decide to go up and I start walking and the dog is right in front of me and I kneel down and he changes from nice and friendly to pissed off and almost bit me I was laughing so hard someone drove by and said he is a nice dog. I was laughing Dunn thought I was crazy. We went out for dinner with a less active which was fun he was a really good guy just started working as a mechanic for Mercedes Benz and told us he worked on Nelly's car which was sweet. 
Sunday was a good day we had church nothing too exciting we had dinner with the Tiffanys and the Hunters both great families. It was a really good week had a lot of fun today for P-day we are going to the Zoo which should be fun hopefully it doesn't rain that would stink. Have a great week everyone and be safe.


Elder Washburn

Watch out for Missionaries.

Nice Truck we saw while tracking. 

Inside the Catholic Cathedral. 

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