Monday, March 7, 2016

Dardenne Creek‏ (March 7th 2016)

So last Monday we had canes for lunch which was awesome I can't remember the last time I had canes it was great. We went down to St. Louis to play basketball it was really fun. Had dinner at the Mantles which are a good family then we came on home.

Tuesday was a good day it was a little on the cold side for sure. We tried to knock doors and talk to people who used to talk to the missionaries it was a good day we found someone new to teach his name is Leo he is a cool guy. h\Had dinner with the Killpacks a family in our ward it was a good visit.

Wednesday had some more canes and went and took the car to get an oil change we got a ride back and started to walk and talk to people it was a cool day it was tough because of the walking but we still worked we got the car back and went to the LEEs for dinner they are a great family it was fun being over there.

Thursday we had zone conference and then we had Hente Thursday and we had a blast. Brother Hente is a great guy we went and taught a couple investigators then afterward went to Red Robbin for Dinner it was great I love Thursdays in this area.

Friday was fun we went out with a return missionary from Brazil and went and tried and talked to people his mom called us and said he needs to work come get him so we did and we ended up teaching someone which was great. Had dinner with the Jacobs who are a really good family I loved being over there.

Saturday was exhausting we went and cut some trees for a member with Chainsaws it was tough I got a little sunburned. My back hurts a little bit but I will get over that had a fun time cutting wood. cutting trees is probably my favorite service project. had dinner with our bishop and his family. Had ward coordination and then went home it was an exhausting day but a good one.

Sunday was fun we went and tried potentials and formers before church with a priest in the ward. Church was great we had dinner with the Mantles again and we had gluten free BLTS which was interesting, to say the least, but still had a good time. 

Today we will be going and playing ball again super excited have a great week and shout out to Mesa High for winning state great job. Carry on. have a great safe week


Elder Washburn

I found it, right across the street from our apartment. 

1st time in 8 months since I have this last.

Elder Dunn and Me working. Cutting trees down.

All our hard work. 

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