Monday, February 22, 2016

Goodbye Jacksonville Hello St. Louis (Feb 22nd 2016)

Well, I forgot my planner that I write in so I remember what to email. So this is coming off the memory banks. 
Monday was great we emailed and did some other stuff and had dinner with the Panthers they are such a great family I love them. I can't remember the rest of the days that well but 
Wednesday we and exchanges and I went to Pittsfield again. 
I just remembered what happened Tuesday we went to Thomas Kelly's he showed his Chucky dolls and stuff it was creepy. We had dinner with Johnathan and Katie Mudd at the Jess's while they were out of town, we had a lesson with Salem with them a the Jess's. He is a great guy he is one of Brother Jess's workers and he is really coming along we taught him about the plan of salvation. He really opened up to us he is solid. He wants to stop smoking he has come to church four times in a row he watched some conference talks, he has really good fellow shippers/ friends at church everything is just going great for him plus we are really good friends. He always gives us rides. 
Thursday we exchanged back and we knocked on a lot of doors we had dinner at Ralph and Connie Mudds they live out in the country they are great. 
Friday we had weekly planning we didn't get any opportunities to teach. Saturday was a great day we cut down a bunch of trees for our bishop for 4 hours it was exhausting got to use a chainsaw. Took a lot of pictures then w went to Wendy for lunch which is a must. Then taught our investigator Ron who is blind. Then we taught Josh Mitton who is half blind he is a cool funny guy. He came to Church all three hours and YSA he is a great guy. 
Saturday we got our Transfer calls and I will be leaving Jacksonville and going to St. Louis. I will be finish training an Elder over there and I will have a car which will be great. I am very thankful for the opportunity to serve in Jacksonville. A lot of great people and families. Sad to go but I have to go. St. Louis will be a nice venue change I will get to play ball there so that will be good for me. 
Sorry for the short email I tried my best to remember what happened to us I love you all. Ball hard and be safe!

Elder Washburn
Fish face

Interesting price: $3,1000 obo???

Chain Saw!!!

Cutting Bishops trees down for service. 

Taking a brake from Service. 

Rratio, hes deaf but we are great friends

Make sure to make friends with the mail man so I get mail. 

Elder Skinner and me with Brother and Sister Drake

Salem, my main dude

The Carrol's, really sweet couple he is a recent convert and I helped him out a lot


The Andersons

Thomas Kelly

Brother Barrett

Jeramy, he is deaf. 
Packing up for St. Louis

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