Monday, February 15, 2016

7 Months & Freezing (Feb 15th 2016)

So Jacksonville has been good we have been doing a lot of great work here. we have started teaching 10 new people in 2 weeks which is pretty good. 

Last Monday it was really cold we had dinner at our Bishops house and then at the Jess's. 

Tuesday was a tough day we did a lot of walking. So Elder Skinner and I have started doing fake arguments. Sometimes they get serious. For example The Hulk or Superman in a fight. Toyota or Honda. Just silly stuff. Everything canceled on us so it was a lot of long walking. 
Wednesday we had a great day it started with us waking up at 4:45 am to get ready to go to the Temple. Brother Barret picked us up and drove us to Springfield to the Zone leaders place. Then they gave us a ride to the stake center where there were some Elders waiting for us. We hadn't eaten yet so we went to McDonalds and started to drive to St. Louis. Which was a long drive but we talked and joked around. Finally got to the temple and went in and came out and it was snowing so hard but our mission presidents wife wanted us to take a picture so we did then everyone started to take pictures it was great then we started the long trek home we didn't get home until 9:00 pm. We drove back to Springfield then our Zone Leaders had to drive us home but before that we went to the cozy dog it is where the corn dog was invented which was cool then drove home. 
Thursday we did what we were supposed to do on Tuesday and more. We saw a less active and he told us about all the marvel movies and stuff coming out which was sick but I could care less right now. 
So Friday was good we got flipped off and sworn at twice Skinner and I couldn't stop laughing. After that, a member pulled up and gave us a candy bar it was great. Blessing! We also started a 2000 piece puzzle it is super tough.
Saturday was jammed pack. Pittsfield Elders serve in a branch and they don't have a baptismal font so we had to get our ready for them so we had to do that. Then had the baptism they guy who was baptized said "I am 64 years old but this is the first day of my life" After the baptism we headed home and then went to members home to have dinner then after that went and gave a blessing it was a packed day. 
Sunday was really cold and it snowed a lot. We were almost late for church, I gave a talk about trials used either 12:6, Alma 13: 28 and 1 Corinthians 10:13. After church, we went and gave a blessing to our investigator who is planning on getting baptized march 5th which is exciting. Then that night we had a snowball fight it was really fun until Elder Skinner lost his name tag. Then we had YSA and it was fun made little pizzas and ate cookies I loved it because I am fat. 
Have a great week everyone I love you and appreciate the emails. Ball hard

Elder Washburn
Elder Skinner & I at the St Louis Temple

All the missionaries that came out with me. 

Elder Thorsen (My Trainer)

Snowball Fight!!!

Shoveling Snow before Church. 

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