Monday, February 1, 2016

Good bye January! Hello February (Feb 1st 2016)

Well, this week was a good one it was a lot of fun I am no longer sick just some sniffles.

Monday was short it felt like. We don't email at the library anymore because they would only let us have an hour so we are now at Mac Murray to email, they give us as long as we need. We had a member drive us down to go get groceries instead of walking. We had Dinner at the Mudd's we had pulled pork sandwiches they were soo good. Then we made Pumpkin Chocolate chip cookies which were awesome we haven't finished them off yet believe it or not.

So Tuesday was fun we did some walking and knocked some doors. We played wall ball while we were waiting for our ride to dinner which was fun there isn't any snow left over anymore except the big piles in the parking lots. We had dinner with the Anderson family they are a younger family but man are they cool he's a 6 year RM he's way cool. We tried a couple more people then we had to walk home because Skinner needed to go to the bathroom really bad it was hilarious. We went by a less active and while we were walking over these two army helicopters flew over us it was intense. Then we walked back home. We do a lot of walking in this area. Mostly because of the snow but also because Skinners tires are flat as usual.
Wednesday we had exchanges. I got to drive on exchanges it was great. Had fun on exchanges. I went up to Pittsfield with our district leader.
Thursday we exchanged back. When we got back we had service we made a porch for a member who lives in a trailer park which was fun then we got back and walked to a less active. We had a member come pick us up so we could get to our appointment in time after we saw the less active. We helped one of our investigators clean their trailer and then taught them which was cool.
Friday was fun we had weekly planning and while we were talking we both spot this fly so we stop what we are doing and skinner catches it and we ran downstairs and put it in a zip lock bag then put it in the freezer. We finished planning then we finished a puzzle we have been working on for a long time. We check the fly and it is dead so I put it in hot water then we went out for the day. We went and taught Mark Peters then came back and the fly was alive it was great we let him go because he earned his keep. That night we made hamburgers and tater tots for dinner it was so good we were so full when we went to bed.
Saturday was a blast it was just an overall really good day. We got to wear sweaters because it was nice outside. We had pancakes for lunch skinner made mickey mouse pancakes and a turtle for himself then he would just make me regular circle pancakes. We made up a new game called combo. So it is still the same basic idea of our last game but we added some risk. So we still stand on opposite sides of the street and throw a tennis ball now. You have to throw good throws in a row so you can get extra points. So if you throw 6 good throws in a row then you get 12 points so whatever you get in a row you get double the points well if you out throw the person or throw it short you loose all the "combo" points you had. it is way fun and risky we played that all day. You play to 100. Skinner and I were tied at 100 so we had a sudden death we had to throw across this huge highway road we about threw our arms out it was fun. We had dinner at Wendys that night for dinner. That's our favorite restaurant.
Sunday was a good day we got a shout out from Brother Anderson which was great. The best part of the whole week was we got to teach primary we had a blast we loved it. Then we had YSA that night at the Mudd's house.
It was a good week we had a lot of fun and got a lot of stuff done it is slowly warming up out here but it could still snow they said so we will see. Have a great week and be safe!


Elder Washburn
Snow Pile in the parking lot

Tots and Burgers for Dinner. 

Another puzzle down. Onto the next one. 

Mickey Pancake fort Elder Skinner.

Elder Skinner making pancakes


Too bad we do not have a car. Gas is cheap!

Making Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies. 

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