Monday, January 25, 2016

Let it snow and snow and snow and SNOW‏ (Jan 25th 2016)

Well, this week has been cold and long.

we stayed at the apartment and cleaned and hung out it was a nice relaxing p-day.

it was cold and we did a lot of walking. We walked over 7 miles in the freezing snow which is way fun if you ask me. If you asked me if I would walk 1 mile in the snow before the mission I would say "no way", but I am a missionary it's what I do.

we didn't get to do a whole lot we had ZLT in Springfield and President interviews and it took us a while to get done with those. We got picked up by Pittsfield Elders. It was a lot of fun joking around and cracking jokes in the car. On the way back we stopped and got Wendy's which was good, then we had Sign Class when we got back so we didn't have time to do missionary work. My sign is coming along nicely. 

was a packed day of nothing we had a lot of things planned and people to see but everything fell through and we walked the whole week in snow it was rough. 

was similar but we had weekly planning so we could, at least, take a break we walked down to try two of our investigators. They didn't want to answer the door. We got picked up by a member for dinner, it was a great dinner we had pizza, cake and ice cream. We had fun. We are always having fun. If I could remember half the crap Elder Skinner and I do you guys would think we don't get anything done. Just know that we crack jokes every day all day and there is never a dull moment with us. 

was a lot of the same stuff we tried a lot of people but no one wanted to answer their doors and if they did answer they were busy. The good news is we are not sitting around but walking everywhere. It just kills us. 

was a good day we had church then after church a member had us over for lunch and we got to teach one of their friends, it was a really good lesson we enjoyed it. They dropped us off and we got ready because we were getting picked up for YSA. YSA is always fun to go to. 

The email is short because walking consumes most of our days. Thank you all for your support and love. Look forward to hearing from you all soon. Be safe and have fun.

Elder Washburn
Frozen Stream

Let is Sow!

Out walking. 

Sign Class. 

Onward and Upward. 

Panoramic, Jacksonville Il. 

Yah, the field is white...

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