Monday, February 8, 2016

Blessings on Blessings on Blessings (Feb 8th 2016)

What a week. 
Last Monday we went to Springfield and played some ball. We had a lot of fun and had dinner with one of my favorite families the Panthers he was a special ops guy and she is just a stay at home mom. The kids are awesome. They have been members for 3 years. Then the Jess's had us over to eat and teach some of the kids who aren't members it was a great way to start the week. 
Tuesday was fun so it was raining really hard in the morning so bad the power was going on and off it was a little creepy. Also, the tornado sirens went off but they were just testing them. We had a lesson with a person we are teaching at the library it went well then had lunch at KFC booii. Then we went and talked to a less active and had a lesson with another person we are teaching that night and he wants to get baptized which is a blessing. All this guy wanted to do is argue with us. Then his wife wanted to start talking to us which was really standoffish to us. I was shocked when we left. It was really creepy walking home because there was a huge thick fog and no one was driving or outside just us. 
Wednesday we had district meeting it was fun then we walked all day it was super windy and cold it sucked. Where we were walking there were no trees to break up the wind so it was going super fast. We were blessed because we started teaching a lady who was really interested in what we had to say. We had sign language it was fun starting to get comfortable signing but I am a better reader than a signer.
Thursday consisted of a lot of walking. FYI I am getting really good at cooking grilled cheeses. taught another person ate some Wendy's and taught a leFss active it was a good day but tough. 
So the biggest thing that happened on Friday was we had another lesson with that stingy investigator at the Jess's and it went great then we had dinner with the Jess's they fed us Leos pizza and the only way I can describe it is Venezia's. The jess family is so fun. 
Saturday it felt good enough to wear sweaters outside it was nice. We did some teaching and we stopped by a person we have been teaching and her four-year-old daughter who is just the sweetest girl was throwing up. When we were leaving we said a prayer and she leaned her head against me in the prayer she always does that. Melts my heart every time. Kids just melt me. 
Sunday was really good had a great sacrament meeting. After church, we had dinner at the Chlarson's and his kids went to mountain view so no matter where I go I always find a way to run into a Toro. He is a great guy. Then we had YSA that night and played Mafia which was way fun I really enjoyed it. 
Thank you, everyone, for the emails and the support has a great week. Almost forgot it is snowing and it is 23 degrees with the wind. Be grateful for what you have. Love you all!


Elder Washburn

The Fog is setteling


It is snowing again!

When is Spring coming?

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