Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Wow is it COLD (Jan 19th 2016)

Well hello everyone from freezing Jacksonville Illinois. It has been a cold week and it is only getting colder.

Last Monday we just walked from place to place in the snow we had a lot of fun then had dinner at Richard and sherry Mudd's home which is always great.

Tuesday was freezing we did service for Richard Mudd's sister. We walked over and shoveled her sidewalk and walkway which took awhile. While we were walking along I kept decking skinner in the snow, the people driving by would laugh so hard. We walked to Eugen's he didn't answer. So Skinner and I are always playing some type of game our newest one is we go on opposite sides of the street but walk parallel to each other and throw a ball. It is fun. We came home for lunch and my feet were freezing then I looked at my foot and it was swollen so I had to ice it and elevate it which wasn't fun for me. We talked to a less active his name is Thomas Kelly really good guy just can't put down those cigarettes. 

Wednesday we had District meeting which started a little bit later than usual because the sisters were running late. After district meeting, we went to lunch with a member to Applebees. Bad idea. Espn was on twenty-one pilots was playing I about lost it. That's why I don't go out to eat unless we are with a member because of all that stuff that I so deeply love. We stopped by Maryland Elizabeth again I can't remember if I have told you about her but we tracked into her. She is awesome. She read the restoration pamphlets and the plan of salvation pamphlet and she said she agreed with everything that was in there and she is going to start to read the book of Mormon. She is great. Sign Language was fun Skinner and I are getting better at Sign. 

Thursday we did service with brother jess he picked us up at 7:30 am and got us Mcdonalds and we went and helped him move and clean some stuff which was fun. Then the rest of the day we tracked which was fun but it was freezing. We talked to one lady we actually gave her a blessing it was really cool then we walked to steak n shake for dinner. 

Friday was our 6-month mark which was fun. We went and tried Eugen and he dropped us which was really sad. We walked around and went to Wendys to celebrate our 6 months. Then we taught two lessons it was crazy awesome it was a good time to lose one and get two new. Then that night we burned our ties it was so funny we also got pizza that night which was way sick. Thanks, mom, and dad. 

Saturday was great we had dinner with little Gs family. The food wasn't ready yet so we got to play with them for a little bit we had a nerf war and wrestled I had a blast. After lunch we tried some more doors then we talked to two less-actives which were great. 

Sunday was good we had church and something cool that Jacksonville does is called a lunch and linger. So everyone brings food and we eat lunch together I probably like it because I get to eat some good food and play with the kids afterward. 
It was a great week probably the best one yet numbers wise. Still having fun and working hard. Time is flying and it won't slow down!!!!!!!! Have a great week everyone!


Elder Washburn
King of the Mountian

Icing my swollen ankle

It is COLD

Finished another one!

Once there was a Snowman...

Wendy's lunch

6 Months out, 1st qrt is done. 

Let it Snow, let it snow...

Cleaning the Chapel.

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