Monday, January 11, 2016

Six Months (Jan 11th 2016)

Well hello again. It is snowing and icy. We had to walk to the library today because there was too much ice. Lucky we haven't had to be in it too much but it is really cold. 

Monday we played basketball it was a blast. The stake center in Springfield was small compared to the O'Fallon stake center. 

Tuesday was crazy fun. So went out for the day in the morning until lunch and we are walking along the road and there is these two little poodles looking dogs running around the sidewalk. They clearly weren't supposed to be out there. Skinner and I called the dogs over and picked them up and started to go door to door to figure out who’s they were. No one answered. So we were walking along the sidewalk trying to figure out whose dogs these were. Then a car pulls up next to us and he said, "I can't believe you caught those dogs I was trying to this morning do you want me to call animal control?" He called animal control and animal control knew who the dogs belonged to. So we just chatted with the guy about hunting and the owners pull up. They were so happy to see the dogs and they took them and left. So we go have lunch and try knocking some doors and we are heading over to this less actives house and skinner asks me what should we share with him? Immediately 2 timothy 1:4 pops in my head. I have never read that scripture in my life and Skinner read it. We gave it a shot and the guy we shared it with really needed it. It was a cool experience. We left and while we were riding along we get a call I answer it and it was RON. Langston gave him my number so he gave me a call. It was good to hear from Ron. Fetching Ron... 

Wednesday was weird so we were out knocking doors and this one man opens this door and just goes off on us not swearing wise but facts wise. It took 45-60 minutes for him to share what he wanted to say. After that, we went to lunch at burger board with the Pittsfield elders it was fun and burger board is a lot like steak n shake. We had a late lunch and an early dinner at McDonalds with a lady in our ward. Before we went to McDonalds we were knocking doors and a lady let us in and we shared with her a book of Mormon. Then we went to McDonalds. We were stuffed out of our minds. We had to rush home up some hills and it was tiring. We were rushing because a member was picking us up for choir practice and sign language class. Sign class was fun I am starting to get the hang of it. Then after sign class, we had a lesson with a less actives granddaughter. It was good. She has a little 4-year-old girl that was distracting in the lesson so I just played with her because we needed to talk to her. 

Thursday was fun we had to go to the library to get a talk that Elder Rasband wanted us to get then we came back and read it. During our lunch hour we played wall ball then we went and tracked some more, this time, we talked to a Lutheran preacher. His breath smelt like Alcohol. We had dinner with a member and it is was a blast. Skinner and I just goofed around the whole time. 

Friday it rained so we had to walk it was fun we walked a lot. I was tired of walking after Friday. Friday night we went and talked to a less active lady it was a good visit. 

Saturday was so good Elder Rasband and Martino came and I got to shake their hands and Elder Rasband is a great speaker so is Elder Martino. Sunday was fun we had church then dinner with our bishop and his 7 kids it was a blast then we went over to Richard Mudd's house and watched the YSA devotional it was great. Hope everyone has a great week this week and stay warm!!!!!


Elder Washburn
The 2 Poodles we caught while we were out tracking one day.

Someone gave us Cookies when we were out tracking. 

Snowing on our way to St Louis for our Mission Conference. 

Having sun in the Snow.

Our Snow Angels.

Walking to an appointment

My Study corner. 

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