Monday, December 28, 2015

The Holidays (Dec 28th 2015)

Well, I hope everyone had a merry Christmas. It was great to skype the family but it is back to work from here on. 

Monday we got to just relax for the first time in a long time. 

Tuesday We talked to Tim and Debbie Howard it was only Tim but it was still good we had a good conversation with them. We were out knocking doors and we came across this man. We started talking to him and he had already watched the savior is born video but we had a good conversation. He wanted us to come back we still haven't been able to meet with him but we will tomorrow. Then we went and talked to a less active Thomas Kelly which was good we are working on the Word of Wisdom with him. Tuesday was a good day and we had Papa Murphys for dinner. 

Wednesday was fun we had exchanges Elder Robinson came to Jacksonville with me. He is so funny we had so much fun we got a couple cool and funny stories. First one we were out knocking doors and right before someone opens the door I make the comment "I hope they are not members" so this mid 30's man opens it and I start joking with him but still being serious and Robinson is confused the whole time if this guy is a member or not. He wasn't but while we were walking to the next house I had to tell him he wasn't a member. so funny. Then on the same street, we were waiting for someone to come to the door and they sneak around to the garage and say hey a little louder than usual and it scares Elder Robinson to death it was so funny I am pretty sure he peed his pants. Then we got picked up for dinner and it was good. We had signed language class at the Library. After that, we went down to a nursing home and watched Mr. Kruger's Christmas it was good then we had to go home. 

Thursday It was cold and we went to Walmart and Walgreens trying to talk to people because it is Christmas eve. Then our Zone Leaders came over to give us the mail and stuff which was fun. We could only work until 3 pm so we had to stop. There is a scooter at the apartment so we weren't doing anything so we went outside and started to scoot around it was really fun. Then for Christmas Eve, we went to the Atkins and there were about 50 people there it was nuts. 

Friday was Christmas and we woke up at 5:55 still and worked out then opened presents then got ready. At 8:30 we had breakfast with a member then we rode over to the Barrows to Skype they are such a goofy family while we were skyping they were peaking around the corners and walking around and checking on us it was weird but still got to talk to my family which was way fun. After them, we went to the Barrets and had dinner then went to the Panthers and watched Hoodwinked which was awesome they are so funny there kids are great. I can't remember if I told you about my buddy "Little G" but that is his family. 

Saturday we had weekly planning and we talked to two less-actives it was a good day but it was long. 

Sunday was good. After Church we had lunch and got ready it was raining so yesterday we got umbrellas so we walked and took those. While we were walking from place to place Elder Skinner lost his Name tag so we had to spend the rest of the night finding it luckily we found it. Today it is Pouring outside I am writing this email soaked. It is 34 degrees with rain and a strong breeze. Gotta love Illinois. Love you all be safe and have fun and don't forget to read your scriptures. 


Elder Washburn
Elder Skinner reading Christmas Letters
Panoramic Pic just outside of Jacksonville Ill 
Elder Washburn with his broken umbrella.
No to successful in keeping dry with this umbrella.
It is starting to get cold in southern Illinois. 

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