Monday, December 21, 2015

5 MONTHS‏ (Dec 14 2015)

Hello, everyone, this week went by kind of slow. The last time I emailed seemed like 7 days ago. anyways it was a good week for service. 

Last Monday we hung drywall for a large majority of the day. 

Tuesday we did more service but this time, we racked leaves and lifted a big tractor tire out of a lawn it wasn't easy. On the way back from service I found a decent chair and biked it all the way home. Still beat Elder Skinner. Our zone leaders came over and came us supplies because we had none. We went out and knocked on doors all day it was fun. We had dinner with the Atkins family. Then walking home, I got checked out by a homosexual man. that was fun he was very complimentary. 

Wednesday we finished the service we started on Tuesday which consisted of raking more leaves and doing more stuff like Tuesday. We stopped by a couple of less actives homes then had dinner at Wendys with a member and then had choir practice which was okay I am not much of a singer then after that we had Sign Language practice. Now I know I didn't explain this before buuuut there are a lot of deaf people in Jacksonville so we have to learn sign language which is fun but also very very tough. I do know the alphabet in sign so that's a start. 

Thursday we had meetings in Champagne Illinois which were fun we had to wake up at 6 am to get a ride there which was roughly 2 & a half hours long. Thursday was fun we had a white elephant gift exchange and I got a sick scooter. I don't know how to do any tricks yet, but I am learning. We had dinner with the jess family which is one of my favorite families in the ward so it was fun. 

Friday to Saturday we visited more less actives and then that night we had the ward Christmas party. it was really fun they had a bunch of musical numbers and stuff than they had the twelve days of Christmas and they asked Elder Skinner and me also another Elder in a different ward were the three french hens. So they sing the three french hens and we had to act out Hens well me being me took it to the next level. I got up there and start blaring the best chicken I could do and everyone started laughing. It was a fun evening we were the stars of the show for sure. 

Saturday we did some more service but at a toy drive for little kids it was really fun it last 4 hours but well worth it, we handed out toys to children and families I loved it. We taught a lesson Saturday it was our first official lesson together it was fun. 

Sunday was a good day we went to church and sang in the choir pretty sure we ruined it but it was still fun. We had dinner at the Mudd's it was really fun they are also a great family. we played some sign language games because a deaf man came for dinner. also had homemade cinnamon roles. It was a blast of a week Elder Skinner and I are having fun. I can't believe it is already been 5 months. Time is just flying by and it is almost Christmas. Have a great week and don't forget to brush your teeth. Sorry, this is one of my shorter emails. 


Elder Washburn

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