Monday, December 21, 2015

Merry Christmas (Dec 21 2015)

Well, this week has just flown by last week took forever.

So Monday we got a bench press and another weights so we can get yoked in the apartment we actually wake up at 5:55 AM now so we have extra time to work out. We also got a desk and some other things. Our apartment is full now if anyone else gives us more furniture we would have to say no because we have no room.

Tuesday we did this thing called doorbell dinners which is a program put on by the hospital. So it is a food delivery program Monday-Friday. It was fun we got to meet some people and just see how much we really have because most of these people are so medically incapable of doing the most basic things. We had fun doing it. So Tuesday we are on our way to the post office and Skinner pops the tube in his tire by going up a curb. So we walked the rest of the half mile to the post office then walked all the way back to the apartment to patch it up and while we are doing all of this we are playing would you rather. After we patched up the bike we had to walk it all the way to a gas station that had free air which was super exciting. It shot our whole day.

Wednesday we had district meeting and exchanges. I went to Pittsfield and Skinner stayed in Jacksonville. So Pittsfield is like, 45 minutes by car to our apartment so we had a long drive back. Finally got to Pittsfield which is a small town in the middle of nowhere. I unpacked a little and went to a lesson. It was nice to be in a car again because it has been a long time. We talked to a couple people then went to the apartment. It was a good exchange I had a blast.

Thursday we had doorbell dinners again which is fun and the people who drove us around took us to lunch at Wendys. After that, we had to fix Skinners tire. So we had to walk all the way to the gas station. Sorry, I forgot to mention on Tuesday night it went flat again because it was just busted so we had to fix it again on Thursday. We finally fixed it so we got to talk to more people than just playing would you rather. We decide to knocks some doors and they like what we had to say so we are going back tomorrow. Then a member took us out for dinner and took us to a Mexican place it just isn't the same.....

Friday we took care of some planning and went and talked to a less active it was a good visit they really enjoyed us being over which is always a good sign.

Saturday We talked with our ward missionary leader and organized the boundaries for us and the sisters finally then we went down to a retirement home and put together stockings for people which was nice then we had a lesson. Then that night we helped a hoarder organize and clean her stuff which is super fun. Sunday was good we went back to the hoarders house then had dinner somewhere else then went Christmas caroling and we really enjoyed that we had a blast. This week was just jam packed full of stuff we had barely enough time to even sleep. So excited for Christmas and can't believe it is already 2016 which scares me a little because how fast time is going. Well everyone have a great day and Happy Holidays also be Blessed!


Elder Washburn

Christmas Cards 2015

Another Christmas Card Photo

Edler Skinner & I

Abraham Lincoln History in Jacksonville Il. 

Historical Home that Abe Lincoln visited

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