Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Crazy Week (Dec 7th 2015)

Wow, what a week. So I am now in Jacksonville, Illinois. Sorry for emailing so late but we were doing service for someone from 8am-3pm. 

Last Monday we went to St. Louis and played ball with some other Elders and it was really fun. 

Tuesday was my last day in Edwardsville we went and saw Ron I told him the news and he didn't freak out as much because I said it with a little more seriousness and emotion. 

Wednesday was crazy so when I got to transfer meeting I was informed that we do not have a car. Good thing I bought a bike because there are like now bike shops out here so blessing in disguise for sure. Anyways we had to hang out with the Zone leaders for the next couple of days because we don't have an apartment yet. I will explain more don't worry. 

Thursday was normal but at the same time far from it. We were with the ZL's and went to the district meeting  they go to and afterward they got pied in the face it was hilarious. We tried a bunch of potentials with them and it was fun the zone leaders we were with are Elder Keel and Elder Hazen both are hilarious and fun. That night we were out and about and there was this jungle gym so we decided to race on it and keep track of how fast we were. I set a jungle gym record of a minute and 20 seconds. It was fun we played sting pong that night. So sting pong is super fun. it is ping pong, but everyone rotates in a circle after you hit it and it you miss it three times or three strikes you have to turn around and pull up your shirt and people hit you with ping pong balls on your bare skin. I lost once it hurt. 

Friday we got shipped out with some other Elders because the zone leaders had a meeting to attend. So we went on basically splits with some elders in a different area it was fun I got Elder Vergara who is from Mexico and California if that makes sense... it was nuts we didn't have bikes or a bus so we walked and I laid down in the middle of the highway it was fun also, I watched Elder Vergara speak Spanish half the day which was cool. That night we played sting pong again I lost a couple times but not too bad got used to the sting after a while. 

Saturday we finally got to go to our area (Jacksonville) we got here about 1:30 pm and just unpacked and grocery shopped the rest of the day which was exhausting. we moved into an apartment where no other sisters or Elders have been we are starting over completely. 

Sunday was fun we went to church and all the members were excited we are there even tho they still have sisters. I think they like us more which is cool. So that night we had dinner and got to watch the Christmas Devotional which was awesome, I loved it. Have you guys seen the video "The Savior is born" on lds.org? it is so good to go watch it! Sorry, I didn't have a lot of time so I cranked out an email love you all be safe and have fun!!!!!!!!! Church is true 


Elder Washburn
Out with Elder Vergara

Lonely Highway

Lots of Church History on Jacksonville Ill. 

Last time at the Bus Depot

Ron and little Colin and his wife Marla

The Ryan family with their son Ben

Robert and Melodie Sever

Brother Adams and his family. Might move to AZ

Elder Langston. It looks like I just got drafted to the cardinals

Brandon and I

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