Monday, November 30, 2015

Holidays (Nov 30th 2015)

Hello everyone and happy holidays. As a missionary, the holidays are not to fun because you just think about family and no one want to talk to you because they are all "busy".
This last Monday was fun we went down and played basketball in O'Fallon with a bunch of missionaries.
Tuesday was fun we tried a ton of people but no one wanted to talk to us which was tough but it's the holidays... what can you do?
Wednesday was basically the same thing except we had some success we saw Ron and Eric who got baptized. It was so funny because we were at their house and there was this chihuahua that was super annoying so I decided to chase it around and it peed its self because it was so scared. I couldn't stop laughing.
Thursday was Thanksgiving. It was super fun we went to the Chandler's for lunch then went to the Randall's for dinner. So this year our mission president decided to not let us play board games and let us watch football. So we hadn't watched football all day so we called a member and went over and watched the Packers and the Bears game, it was awesome.
Friday we had district meeting than we had to go fix the car. We had to get the oil changed and the tires changed also had to get it realigned. The car shop was right next to the mall so we went and got matching ties and hung out. so I went Black Friday shopping even though I hated it. We had nothing else to do.
Saturday was the big day. We had a baptism. Eric Lee Hankins was baptized and his less active sister who he lives with bore a beautiful testimony and she is now active which is awesome. Also, we got Transfer calls and I am going to Jacksonville Illinois. it is an hour and a half from Edwardsville. I will be whitewashed in with a missionary who came out with me. The area has been closed for a long time so it will be fun and exciting.
Sunday we just said goodbye to members and took pictures. I love Edwardsville and was really sad to say goodbye to everyone but it was going to happen eventually. Time is flying by it is almost Christmas which is odd. Hope everyone has a great day.
Today for P-day we will be going to St. Louis to play ball with a bunch of missionaries
Elder Washburn

Thanksgiving Dinner

Working Dinner off

Last District Meeting in Edwardsville

Getting ready to make cookies

Chocolate Chip Pumpkin cookies

I did it. Thanks Mom

Eric Lee Hankins Baptism Day

Francis Gray & her son

The Armstrong Family

The Chandler Family

The Pearson Family

The Gray Family

My Desk

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