Monday, November 16, 2015

Wow 4 Months (November 16th 2015)

Well hello and good morning everyone. It is currently raining here in Illinois. Nice to not be out in it yet.

So last Monday was fun we went down to the stake center and played basketball ;) that was fun! It was an exhausting day but still fun.

Tuesday was a good day we talked to three less active members and we talked to Ron. Ron's dogs got out so we helped him search the neighborhood for them, while we helping a man called us over. So we went over turns out the guy was a former member and was baptized in Texas like six years ago. He told us his conversion story it was cool to talk to him. He told us he lived in Bethalto, between the police station and school on Mills St., not a specific address but a general area.

Wednesday we had a good day. Whenever we get the car it is always nice weather whenever we get the bikes it is the worse weather. So that night a member took us out for dinner. He took us to Joes Crab shack and on Wednesdays there is all you can eat snow crab. Well, what did you think I did? I got the all you can eat snow crab it was great! I probably ate way too much snow crab but I had fun doing it. The member took a picture of me and sent it to my momma which was cool but weird to do. Ha-ha side note. As a missionary, I don't even consider my first name Cameron anymore I think its Elder.

Well, anyways Thursday was fun I went on exchanges with our district leader in his area. Elder Enos and I were on bikes which were so fun we stayed busy and talked to a lot of people. We had dinner with a less active. Well, it was pitch dark when we left dinner and we had to ride down a super dark bike trail to get home. We got off the bike trail a little earlier than usual because it was just really dark and not good. So we picked the lesser of two evils and rode along the highway the rest of the night. Yeah, I know scary huh? Well, I am still alive which is good. We had to ride down a huge hill on the highway and it is usually packed with cars but not when we rode down it which was cool and nice.

Friday was decent we didn't exchange back until noon and we biked all morning. That night we had dinner with Crystal Markowitz who is a really good cook. A little bit about Crystal is she has or had throat cancer and she can’t talk that well and can’t taste her own food. I don't know how she does it but she is a fantastic cook.

Saturday was way fun. So the guy that talked to us who lives between the police station and school. Well, we found him. Well not him we found his wife. He went to detox to stop drinking. I can’t believe we found him it was awesome! We also helped Bishop hang drywall all day in his workshop. On his ceiling. It was tough but worth it. We hung 7 pieces of drywall and still have 8 more pieces to go. Yeah, that's cool right well bishop also signed up for dinner and fed us pizza by the fire they made so it was really fun!

Sunday was great as well Eric and Debra came again and stayed for all three hours of church which was great. Eric was really nervous to go to Elders quorum but he did he liked it.

Twas a great week and I hope all of you have a great week and keep having fun!


Elder Washburn

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