Monday, November 9, 2015

Hello Again (November 9th 2015)

Well, this week had a lot of highs and a lot of lows.
Monday was fun we played a lot of basketball at the stake center with 6 other companionships it was really fun.
Tuesday it rained all day in Woodriver and we had a couple appointments cancel on us it was really tough. Still found a way to have fun.
Wednesday was super tough. So I woke up Wednesday and my bike tires were flat and I was fed up so I decided to go buy a bike. Actually, before that, we walked 5 miles for a referral. Then we went to the bike shop and made the stupidest decision probably of my life I bought an Italian bike that was a little pricey and I didn't need it at all. I rode it back to the apartment and I immediately had buyers remorse and on top of all this, it was raining well more like sprinkling. After we had lunch I decided to carry the bike to the bus stop and not ride it anymore. we took the bus to the store where I tried to return the bike but the store wouldn't take it back they have a no return policy and I had only bought it 3 hours before. So dumb. So we rode around talking to people until dinner. We had dinner with our ward mission leader. We told him the situation so we decided to go back down there and try to return it again and they still wouldn't take it. I honestly carried that bike more than I have rode it. Well, we decided to take Brother Adams to a lesson where we set a baptism date. Yes, I know a huge low and a magnificent high. Eric Lee Hankins will be baptized November 28, 2015. My first real baptism.
Thursday was good we were in Woodriver and I forgot to mention our ward mission leader helped me fix my bike so we could keep working so no flat tires. Anyways so Thursday we saw Ron and a couple other people it was fun we worked hard and I tried my best to forget about my bike situation. My bike is now on Craigslist. I am just waiting for someone to buy it.
Friday we decided to go back to Woodriver and we knocked a bunch of doors and talked to a couple people.
Saturday was super cold. we worked in Edwardsville that day. We had dinner at 7 pm at our apartment and after dinner we went back out but I was done with the cold so I put my heavy winter jacket on and my heavy gloves. I wasn't cold anymore which was nice.
Sunday was cold again and it was also the Primary Program and it was so great. Eric came and just sat there in awe of these little kids singing and bearing testimony. Well, Eric didn't stay for the second hour of church because he was so nervous to come to church he didn't sleep all night.
So it was a roller coaster week but we didn't give up or throw the towel in. We still had fun and we got work done. Thanks for all the love and prayers. Have a great week and have fun!
Elder Washburn

My new bike.

Trying not to ride it so I can return it.

my borrowed bike works fine.

Langston's Anniversary

Missionaries! That's what we are.

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