Monday, November 23, 2015

It is COLD! (November 23rd 2015)

Well, this whole week has been pretty chilly. Winter is here in Illinois. The sad news is it is barely getting started.

So last Monday was not that fun because the Elders we usually spend our P-days with had to go to dinner at 4:30 which cut P-day really short. So we only got to play ball for like 45 minutes which was a bummer.

Tuesday was raining all day. We took the bus to Woodriver then took the bus to Roxanna which is a little town outside of Woodriver. We have a couple less active members there we were asked to go see so we went. Well while we were waiting at the bus stop to go to Roxanna a man comes up to us and he is a less active from Texas. So we got to talking and then we got on the bus and he fell asleep. So we went and tried those people and none of them answered. So we were riding around the little town and we run into him again but this time, he asks us to go to his girlfriend’s house. So we did and as we pulled up to the house these two mid 20 men come from the house across the street. They were walking aggressively towards us and told us to come to their house and put our bikes in their yard. Now I am just astonished at what is going on. I was also a little nervous so they started to ask us questions and then they presided to tell us about their lives. One of them is an active heroin addict and the other held up a store with an AK-47. Yep, that was cool we gave them a Book of Mormons and they told us to come on by again. I am totally going back. That is only the half of Tuesday after we left Roxanna we went to crazy Ron's house. I love Ron and he calls me his bud. So Ron played a joke on us last week and he hid our bikes. Well, I decided he wasn't going to win that one so we decided to get even with him. Now this is dangerous because Ron is bi-polar and crazy. I took my chances and did. Now Ron loves me and I love him too. So I alone could only do this. We came up with the idea that I was getting transferred. We also decided that I would act depressed and Langston would do all the talking. So we did and we got him good. So I told him I was leaving to Springfield, Illinois. Ron went ballistic. He was swearing and saying “I’m gonna call your mission president and tell him that you need to stay”. I let it drag on and let him know I was joking and got up and gave him a hug. It was hilarious. We had dinner with a member that night and when we left it was pouring rain. We went straight home and it was only a 5min bike ride but that was enough to get us soaked from head to toe faster than taking a bath. It was nuts! Also, I found $5 while we were leaving Ron's which was awesome.

Wednesday was good had dinner with a young couple I really like they are awesome the day was good we met with people but not as eventful as Tuesday.

Thursday so I was supposed to go to East St. Louis on Thursday because Langston was going to the temple but they switched it last second I went with one of my super awesome Zone Leaders. I love those guys. It was a fun day we helped in a food pantry and talked to people I had a blast he is a funny guy.

Friday was fun we had district meet and we went to Woodriver again nothing really too exciting we went and saw Ron again and had dinner with our ward mission leader and his family. They are so funny. Their kids just bounce off the walls it is great.

Saturday was eventful. So it snowed here in Edwardsville, not to bad but enough to be really cold. Wore 3 pairs of dress socks, two pairs of pants and wore a sweater, my big heavy coat, a beanie and my heavy gloves. I stayed fairly warm. So were riding around in town and I got hit by a car. Yep not too bad, though. so I was riding past these stores and it was a blind corner for sure and they guy peaked out a little too far and tapped me pretty good didn't do any damage to me or my bike but it freaked the crap out of him and his girlfriend. See even though I didn't talk to them about the gospel I still taught them a lesson;) hahaha well it was really cold and we had dinner with the Chandlers that night, They are great and they gave us a bunch of stuff because he works for a warehouse company that holds a bunch of body wash and Old Spice, Gillette and stuff like that so that was nice to get.

Sunday was fun we had church and dinner with some members and went by and talked to a less active which was fun it was real, really cold outside I am pretty sure my ears almost fell off but it was radical. Well, hope everyone has a great thanksgiving. I am thankful for my family, friends, my new friends I have made on the mission, I am grateful for my hard times because if I didn't have those I would be who I am and know what I know. We have a lot to be thankful for just remember no matter how big your problems may seem they aren't as bad as someone else’s. Love you all. Thank you for the support.


Elder Washburn

Tuesday, we got a little wet...

Service with Elder Johnson (Background)

Getting ready for Christmas and our invitations.

Brother Chandler is so Awesome, His gift to us.

Finished my 500 piece puzzle.

Did I mention That we got a little wet on Tuesday? Well, we did.

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